It's Friday. I'm tired already and I'm about to head out to the bar and see if there is anything worthwhile. I think that I'm going to grab a couple of beers and have my DD bring my tired ass back home. A couple of beers is something more than a 6 pack. I might even throw in a few shots of Patron, depending on how frisky I get. Who knows.

The last few days haven't been too exciting. Well there hasn't been any excite until today. I found out that we are moving out of this hell hole in 15 days. I couldn't help but run around the house screaming and yelling. Soon I'll be away from the roommate from hell in into paradise. So I'll have to drink a few extra for that.

Hope all is well on the home fronts. Peace and hair grease !
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Mo said...

Yay for happy news and moving dates!

Did you tear it up or play it cool?

I did a little too much at the game and boy howdy, felt like ass this morning when I had to get up to make it to the Cougs game.

I'm getting too old to bring it like I used to.