Living out of Boxes (4 months and counting)

I got the word this week that we are going to be moving out of "Hell Hole Central" on the 15th of September. I've been waiting for this day to come since I got here in April. Talk about a stress reliever on my soul.

I guess I always knew this wasn't going to be my residence for some reason. I never really unpacked too many of my things. Most of my things are downstairs in boxes and containers. Still fresh with the movers tap on them. Not one personal item in this house of mine. Not even in my room. I guess the new move wasn't as exciting as I thought it would or I just didn't expect to have a douche bag for a roommate. I think calling him a douche bag is something of a compliment. At least they care about themselves and their appearance. He seems to only be consumed by what he can put in his mouth.

Funny thing happened on the way to grab the vacuum. I'm not really sure if I touch on the trash situation at all. Long story short it never gets taken out. I lost my marbles earlier this week and threw it out in the garage. I thought that I was going to make everyone be more proactive by putting the trashcan in the garage. I was wrong again. As I go to grab the vacuum from upstairs I bumped in to a box. Said box falls over and I catch it before it hits the ground. Short story longer, it's about 4 days worth of fast food trash. I know it doesn't seem like it could be much, but it's all he eats. He eats it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 4th meal. There was a little Tropical Smoothie, Rosario's Pizza, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr. and I think some Subway. Keep in mind it's still well over 100 degrees. I guess you can't really teach an old dog new tricks or at least I can't.

I seem to always ramble on about him somehow. I keep telling myself that all of this will be over soon. I have about 75% of all my belongings packed already. I'm just waiting on the marker to say, "Go". If there were an Olympic record for moving the fastest, I would have a gold metal. I'd probably get one for the relaly to because I think the other roommate is just as happy as I am. I have that feeling of anxiety that you get when something good is going to happen. I know Christmas isn't til December and my birthday isn't until January, but this will be the only present I need all year. I can't even say that with a straight face. Scratch that make sure you send plenty of presents this year and next year.

Just know I'll have a new address in 2 weeks.
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Mo said...

Doing the biggest happy dance I can for you, Murphy, and BL.

Nothing personal at all? Nothing? That is impressive.

Be sure to let me know the new address.

Live.Love.Eat said...

What a shame you have to experience the horrid cliche of roommate from hell. He must be as big as a house, no? eating all that fast food all the time. He sounds like a real peach. Maybe he has that hoarder disorder.

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

That's it- the hoarder disorder- it couldn't be anything else!