I Saw Beyonce @ Burger King

I think that I officially losing my mind or just rushing the onset of old age. I some how got the days mixed up for my date. The date was actually yesterday and not Friday.

Oh how I wish it would have been Friday though. Instead I spent it sitting at a friend of a friends house and it was about as entertaining as watching your constipated Grandma take a poop. It started of simple. We started playing pool and cracking a few jokes. The dude had a very nice pool table that didn't really fit in his house. I think the pool table was the most expensive thing in the house. Priorities! Yep, all wrong. Well he also had a pretty nice T.V. to that just so happened to be tuned to CMT.

I have nothing against the people who watch CMT, from time to time I like to get a little country myself. On my Friday night, hell no! We started off by watching something called Country Fried Videos. It was full random hicks doing random stuff. This show is the reason why people from the South have a bad rap. Then we went on to watch Gone Country 2. Can't believe they made it to a 2nd season, but they did. They have some top quality celebs on there too. The cast consists of Lorenzo Lamas, Irene Cara, Sean Young, the other chubby guy from NSync, Jermaine Jackson and a few other top quality people. Then we moved on to some show show staring Bobby Brown, enough said. What the hell is Bobby Brown doing on CMT? He wasn't selling crack either, he was running a Inn. Who knew he had that talent? Not me. The night ended with us watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, becasue they thought it would be something that I would like to see. Again I have nothing against all of it, but it's just not my cup of tea. I'll pass.

I wanted to start running into the wall head first. You know the night was boring because I was falling asleep in the rocking chair, but I didn't spill one ounce of my beer. I wanted to walk home, but it would have probably taken me forever. Which leds me to the next part of the story, but I have to run. I'm starting to become the resident love expert here too. Don't know how this stuff happens, but it does. I'll get you guys updated as soon as I can.

Things to wait for in the next post:
Death Race
20/20 Vision
Burger King


kimmyk said...

what was she eating?
double whopper with cheese? fries? coke? come on...inquiring minds wanna know.

no i'm kidding.

i could care less about her or her burger eating ways.

hold the phones..isn't she a vegetarian?

Ace C said...

lol. Kimmy I have no idea. It's this stupid song from youtube that I saw and it's stuck in my head.

kimmyk said...

oh. so it was a song..? okay. well, i still don't care about her or her burger non eating burger ways.

sounds like a rip roarin' friday night. shit, i went to a high school football game in 90 degree weather sitting so close to a fat man sweating his ass off and you know what? i'd take that anyday over your friday night. next time i suggest you walk...even if it takes ya a long time cause friends..i mean real friends..dont make friends watch country fried videos. that shit is so redneck...even my nascar watching, pabst blue ribbon drinkin friends dont even watch that hiljack shit.

people are crazy.

looking forward to the next installment.

....You Sick Bastard said...

I'm against people who watch CMT. It's a cult of people who need to be stopped.

fiwa said...

You mean that Bobby Brown show with him running an Inn with Marcia from the Brady Bunch was FER REAL?! I thought I had a nightmare and dreamed that up.

These are not your people Ace. You need to come back to Seattle. Country is only for when you've broken up with someone... at any other time it's off limits.