I Got New Readers!

I updated my blogroll today and added a few of my new readers. I haven't yet looked at their content, but I'm going to start today.

Carolina on My Mind
Mary Says...
We're All Mad


Mo said...

You're getting all kinds of love.

So deserving!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Love the OMGYG2BK one. But I had to move this box over just a bit to make sure I spelled it right. Ha ha. I thought maybe the You could have been a U. I should print this and cut it out for my bulletin board.

Live.Love.Eat said...

OOps. This was supposed to go up on the other comment. You got me all backwards here with the comments above. ha ha.

Ace C said...

Lol. Good comments folks.

Cin said...

I think I found you on Summer's blog? Anyway, I got ya on my Bloglines! I love your blog!! :)