Guilty Pleasure

I'm going to try to be a little more assertive with my blog. Someone has been telling me if I post more the people will come, so I'm going to do so.

Just thought that I would put together a few things that have been "rocking my world" lately. Whether it be something on T.V. or someone in my life. I have just been getting me excited about life again. Well I better not use the word "excited". I'd rather say intrigued by my surroundings.

Check them out.

Crystal Light - It's been around for years, but as of late it's been my best friend. I'm not too crazy about the taste of water (bottled or tap). Those little packets have upped my water intake and made me appreciate being hydrated. No more yellow pee for me.

Reba - Swear to God. No joke. I've always watched this show, but usually in private because I never really wanted anybody to know that I watched. During my recent trip to Arizona, I discovered that I'm not the only one that is fascinated by this show. It's no "Must See TV Sitcom", but it sure is entertaining as hell.

text messages - Keeps me from having to have awkward silence on the phone. Who knew "LOL" could go so far.

flip flops - Before moving to Vegas, I hated to see a dude in flip flops. I thought it wasn't manly thing to have your toes out. I'm a changed man. It's amazing what a 115 degree weather can do.

dryer - This contraption has brought my OCD percentage down by at least 2%. I put my jeans and t-shirts in the dryer for a couple of minutes and then I'm out the door. Now if I can get the dog to poop in the toilet.

sun - For making my skin one black as hell color!

Jonas Brother - I can't escape these little bastards. Those songs are catchy as hell. Someone spike their sodas. I need at least one of them to go to Rehab so that I can watch T.V., turn on the radio and read a magazine without seeing them.

Chelsea Lately - This show by far is the best 30 minutes of T.V. you'll ever see. From the raunchy jokes to the off the wall celebrities that appear on the show. It's entertainment at its best. I can finally laugh a little person and not have to worry about someone accusing me of being cruel.

Fantasy Football - It's upon us people and there is nothing you can do about it but embrace it. Jump on the wagon. Even if you don't like football it'll give you a reason to add a little bit of a favorite American past time to your Sunday and Monday nights.

Olympics - No explanation needed.

chicken - Only chicken. No watermelon or Kool-Aid.

24 HR Fitness - Running on the treadmill at the gym is helping me sort through the many thoughts running through my mind.

Drop me a line or two to let me know what's got you going these fine Red, White and Blue days.


Mo said...

When I find these little packets of lime and lemon things at the store I am going to send them to you.

I am back to carrying around my baba. Water is good.

Text messages: Ditto. But enough with your LOL a'right? Don't make Lucy come back out. She is fierce.

Flip Flops: Check

Dryer: OMFG. Did you seriously stop using the iron? I thought you said lazy people only used the dryer? Welcome to the club. It is good to belong.

Sun: Mine is more from where the white people go but color is good crispy cocoa satin.

Chelsea Lately: Ditto

Football: ESPN rawks!

Chicken - Only chicken. No watermelon or Kool-Aid. = You crack my shnizzle right up!

24 HR Fitness: I'm fixing to get my cardio back on.

Things I'm digging on: Tea, cheese sticks, music (something new needs to drop). Not so good living inside my head. Good: having you to bounce that crap off of.

Love You...Mean It.

I am sure there is more to list but that is all coming to mind right now.

paolo said...

Now I know that its a sad thing that we never met.

2 things:

1) Chelsea had me at
"Camel Balls"

2) I think it should really read (my additions in parenthesied italics):

If I post more (about Chuy) the people (little and big) will (not only) come (they will read, and they will be delighted).

we should see if Mo can plan a "business" trip to the southwest and I will fly down too. We'll throw some back and you can wear your flip flops in peace.

fiwa said...

Flip flops are ok, as long as you keep your feet looking good.

I am with you on the crystal light too - that stuff makes water drinkable.

Right now I am hooked on: sunflower seeds, fresh pineapple and mango, and to blow that whole "good for you" groove I had going, grits.

kimmyk said...

i dont drink water.
not even with those lil' packets of sugary goodness. i dont like it..none of it.

i love me some flip flops...and i think it looks cool when guys wear them. as long as their feet look good-jacked up feet is so not pretty...on any gender.

i dont text message. never really have. my fingers get all crampy. i'll pass.

jonas brothers will be the death of me. screaming girls...i can't take no more.

Brad said...

You had me at Reba, it's good for me to finally come out of the closet on this one.