FIWA's Friday Shuffle

1. Mud on the Tires - Brad Paisley
2. U Remind Me - Usher
3. Won't Stop - OneRepublic
4. Shorty (Got Her Eyes on Me) - Donell Joness
5. Many the Miles - Sara Bareilles
6. Standing Still - Jewel
7. Raise Up - Petey Pablo
8. Drunk and Hot Girls - Kanye West
9. Breathe - Fabolous
10. Out of Control - Kenna


Mo said...

Dude. Country? Who knew? Puts last night in a whole 'nother perspective.

And you just had to post the backside of the chica with the #10 didn't you?

Such a man.

kimmyk said...

brad paisley? okay. if you say so.

Ace C said...

Lol. I just like the one song dammit! Get off my case.

fiwa said...

Heehee... I'm with Mo on the #10 comment.

Thanks for playing - I'm gonna make up my list in a little while.