Finally, I Saw Beyonce @ Burger King, Twice

Here it goes people.

So we didn't have any serious plans. The movies was the only thing set in stone. The date was open. We were going to meet in front of the Movie theater at 7. The movie started at 7:30. We were going to see Death Race, which happens to be about a car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory. I know, really crazy concept. Whatever.

Ther are 2 sides to me. There is the coordinated Ace, who is always early or on time. Then there is the "Ican'tdecidewhattowearsoI'llchange3or4timesuntilIthinkI'mready". She just happened to get the second Ace. I was trying hard to be on time. I failed miserably. I was only about 5 minutes late though. I would've been longer, but I decided against stopping and getting gas. I didn't want to be late, I was though.

So I arrive and find her in the casino waiting at one of the slot machines. We get our tickets and go into the theater. It's packed. I guess we weren't the only wanted who wanted to see jail races in armored cars. So the movie doesn't start for another 15 minutes. In this 15 minutes my phone rings twice. Once it was my roommate. I took the phone. I have to admit I was little nervous. He thought I was at the bookstore again, so to keep with my story I had to answer the phone. He was trying to get in contact with his brother, who never answers his phone for some reason. Sometimes if the stars align he'll answer the phone for me. That day no stars were out I guess because he didn't answer. The funny part of this whole thing is that I can get incoming calls in the theater, but I can't make in out. I ended up having to walk out of the movies and all the way in to the casino just to do this. So after running back to not make things awkward, the phone rings again. Guess who it was. I said guess dammit! Nope. Nah. Wrong again. It was Mo. She seems to have some kind of timing doesn't she. I know you guys are thinking, "How does she manage to make every story that he has?". You tell me. I had called her earlier and she was finally returning my call. I quickly hit the ignore button and sent here a text that I was in a movie. She sure know how to include herself somehow. You gotta love.

Just so everyone knows I have a hard time being in a movie theater. I love to go, but the people drive me crazy. I either get the guy with the long legs who keeps kicking my chair, the child who keeps kicking my chair, or the first date talkers. Today wasn't any different. I see this little woman coming my way. She sits a chair down. I think nothing of it. 2 minutes later walks in and takes the seat next to me. Out of all the seats in the damn theater he sits next too me. I give him a quick "dude side eye". He gives me the same look. I'm thinking, "Look fucker! I was here first. You should move and keep your shitty looks to yourself.". It's like the right away in traffic. Every guy knows the damn rule. It's no secret. I'm thinking he's going to move. Nope. Know I'm stuck sitting next to the chubby Hispanic dude and his girlfriend who thinks it's nice to put her feet in his lap.

The movie is pretty entertaining. It won't win any Oscars, but it was worth watching and I also got to see the trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie.

We pile out with the rest of the moviegoers. We decide to grab drinks. The casinos in Vegas are always packed with lots of things to get into. We decide to settle down in the common area. She wanted to catch some of the Olympics while it was on. The area was packed with big screen T.V.s that were playing everything from the horse races to baseball.

The first round of drink come and we are still doing the "greet and meet" stuff. I have my back turn to the bar. From behind me I hear something about the Raiders football team. The guys says, "I bet on the Raiders and they lost.". No shit! I turn to see who's talking about the Raiders. Not sure if any of you watch football, but the Raiders aren't a premiere team more. It was one of the bartenders. He say it again and I can't help myself but to laugh. I ask him, "Did you just say you bet on the Raiders?". He confirms. I laugh pretty hard at him. I can't help it. Anybody in the right mind would not bet money on that team.

He was a pretty loud dude. I should have taken that as a sign. I continue laugh. The bar laughs with me. He looks at me and says, "I'm getting shit from the guy who looks like Tyrese!" Everyone laughs. He then says, " If you keep on, I'm going to get security to escort your young as out of here. I know you got in here on a fake ID. You can't be a day over 19. Keep it up Tyrese. Keep it up." (Google Tyrese) Everyone is rolling, even me. This is not the first time I've been heckled while out. Just never on a date. I quickly turn and get back to watching the Olympics. Just to make things go back to normal. We laughed a little more about the guys remarks. Kind of spiced up the night.

So things are flowing perfectly. Conversation is all over the place. Its good business. The waitress comes over to the table with another round. Problem is we just got the last round. She thought we said get another. I ask her, "Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" Without missing a beat she says to me, "Yea. I'm trying to get you drunk off Michelob Ultra. I'll be here all night trying then.". I should learned to keep my mouth close, huh? I asked for that one. Again we all start to laugh and a couple of the people start laughing that are sitting around us. I got to get a grip on being the center of attention. Damn me for being so selfish.

So the date is steaming along and all of a sudden she says something I thought someone would never ask me. She says, " Do you like Nascar?". "DO YOU LIKE NASCAR?" "DO YOU LIKE NASCAR?" Who the hell asks a black man that question. It's almost like asking a black man if they like fried chicken. Who does that people. I think I gave her the dirtiest look a person could possibly give someone. That's just one of those question that I don't get ask everyday. I don't ever get asked that question. I went off on a 10 to 15 minute rant about the what disqualifies Nascar from life. I thinking I'm ruining it by rambling and then I look over at her. Her face is red and shes laughing her ass off. They only thing she can muster out is, "My cheekbones hurt!". Who knew. She says "Well I know what not to get you for Christmas.". Hey the girl has a sense of humor.

So After a few more beers we decided to call it a night and head our separate ways. She ended up parking in the wrong section. I as in gentleman mode and offer her a ride to her car. We take the elevator up to my car. The first date in the 2 seater. Remember earlier that I told you if I stopped for gas I would have been late for the date. I should have listen to my first thought and just got the gas because I now have an awkward moment on my hand. I'm out of gas and the car just stopped in the middle of the parking garage. Luckily I have enough juice to at least park the car. Seems cool with it. She laughed the whole time. I told her she was to blame for asking that damn question about Nascar. It threw my whole night off. She said since I am blaming her she'll take me to get some gas.

A gas can, $3.97, a ride back to my car, a hung and a kiss on the chic and a Burger King #1...hold the pickle, tomatoe and onions...I have another date in works.
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fiwa said...

woohoo...sounds like y'all got the chemistry goin on!

Is that your "stink eye" look? I would have slunk away if I'd been that dude. Seriously - why do people ignore 50 empty seats to sit right next to you in the theater? What is up with that?

Ok, I forgive you for being a blog-tease, this was a good post.

Mo said...

Hee Hee. You can't escape me.

Just for the record, when you threaten to shoot my ass and tell me I can't be that busy that I can't call you back, I will call. So what if my timing is off?

Like I said before, I like this girl already.

The dude who called you Tyrese might want to get his eyes checked. Just saying.

I still can't believe you ran out of gas.

What I want to know is what you ended up wearing and did she ask about Nascar because she likes it?

Brad said...

Dude, sounds like a great date. Why the long face Ace?

I haven't dated in so long I would even know how to anymore.