It's finally Friday, but can someone tell me why it feels like Monday to me. I guess all that energy that I have been losing to my roommate has finally caught up with me.

It's been pretty boring around here lately. Not a single bit of action. I got a new library card on the way, pick out my next book to read from B&N, and went to a hole-in-the-wall hockey game.

I'm trying to contain myself. I don't want to let all the joy out at one time. Might not be able to reign myself back in.

Other than a date tonight, I'll let you know what happens.
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Summer said...


In more than one way.

I had no idea that you had a blog. I've been missing tales of you since you moved. Too far away.

Lemme see you smile!

fiwa said...

I hate when a weekend starts out feeling that way. Maybe the date will snap you out of it.

kimmyk said...

yeah. you might wanna ya know...ease all that joy out into the world...i mean, if you unleash all that at once, you might throw the earth out of orbit or some crazy shit like that and i mean, you dont want that on your conscious do ya? yeah. i didnt think so. best to let it go in spurts...

kimmyk said...

oh yeah, hope you had a good date!

fiwa said...

How was the date? Matlock wants to know. ;)

Mo said...

I know you like to keep it private but come on...your fans want to know!

Don't leave us hanging.