Can You Catch Me!?

I think not people!

Today I hit the treadmill with one goal in mind, RUN! I just wanted to hit the quick start button on the treadmill and push the play button on my iPod and let my legs and feet do all the talking.

I was pretty stoked about my results. It's been a while since I've spent an hour on the treadmill. I ran an impressive 6.77 miles in that hour. I'm not saying that I wasn't tired. I'm not saying that I enjoyed it. I'm not saying I'll ever do it again, but what I will say is that tonight I felt like I accomplished something for nothing.

I guess the pressure to look good in Vegas is starting to set in and I'm just trying to just keep up with the locals.

I plan on keeping up.


Mo said...


I'm upping my cardio but there is no way in heck I can do that much...yet.

There truly is something to putting the iPod on and letting one foot in front of the other do the work for the mind and soul isn't there?

fiwa said...

Thank God for MP3 players, and no way will I be catching you.

Cheering from the sidelines, maybe.

kimmyk said...

you suck.

just kidding.

i can't run like i use to. i wish i could..but i'm old. and i'm tired. i know, i know. excuses. excuses.


but good on you running 6+ miles. what were you listening to?

Brad said...

Yeah...back when I had a 27 year old body I could run nearly 7 miles....


Well done you.