Blackberry Thumbs

It's official. I went to the doctor today and he diagnosed with "Blackberry thumbs".

Dubbed "Blackberry thumb" because of the popularity of that particular model of wireless personal digital assistant (PDA), this repetitive stress injury occurs because these devices rely almost solely on the use of your thumbs for typing, instead of all your fingers. Any device that relies on the thumbs for typing can cause this type of injury because the thumbs simply weren't designed for such use.

Do your thumbs hurt? If you're sending lots of text messages, you may have the trendiest new malady: "BlackBerry thumb."

So if you persist in typing a lot of information with your thumbs, you risk injury. Below I listed a couple of abbrevaitions to make things a little easier on you.

AAK Alive and kicking
AYDY Are you done yet?
AYSOS Are you stupid or something?
AYT Are you there?
B4N Bye for now
BAG Busting a gut
BAS Big 'ass' smile
BAY Back at ya
C&G Chuckle & grin
CUL8R See you later
CUMID See you in my dreams
DA Meaning "The"
DLTBBB Don't let the bed bugs bite
E1 Everyone
F2F Face to face
GAS Got a second?
H&K Hugs & kisses
ILBL8 I'll be late
ILUM I love you man
JK Just kidding
K Okay
L8RG8R Later, gator
LMFAO Laughing my freaking a** off
LWOS Laughing without smiling
MYOB Mind your own business
N1 Nice one
OMGYG2BK Oh my God, you got to be kidding
OO Over and out
OTFL On the floor laughing
PLS Please
QT Cutie
RBAY Right back at you
ROTFLUTS Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
S2R Send to receive (meaning send me your picture to get mine)
SOAB Son of a *B*
TCOY Take care of yourself
TLK2UL8R Talk to you later
UR Your / You're
VBS Very big smile
W8 Wait
What would Ace do?
XD Meaning "really hard laugh" (where D is a smiley mouth
YGTBKM You've got to be kidding me
ZZZZ Sleeping (or bored)
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Mo said...

I'm gonna have to keep this list handy aren't I?

fiwa said...

Who could remember all of that?

Slick said...

Wonder if I can get time off from work for this ailment??

Ace C said...

Slick I know you have a iPhone. YOu could always use the iPhone finger.