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Here a some songs that describe what kind of mood I'm in right now. I can't really explain the mood and why I'm listening to this songs. They are all pretty light songs, nothing to drastic. If you are a metal head, country bumpkin or anything that doesn't like smooth R&B or light rock, bypass all these songs.

Sex and Candy - Marcy's Playground - This is one of my all time favorite songs, containing. to of my all time favorite things. I think this was about a strip joint though. I've never smelled candy in there.

When it Comes - Tyler Hilton- Two words. "Air Pop"

Right and a Wrong Way - Mario - This is a remake of an old classic. Nice to hear someone else trying to tackle it.

Complain - Tweet - This is what I want a woman to come up and say to me and I'll be on my way to get her a ring and a house with a white picket fence. Hold the kids.

Sometimes I Wonder - Darius Rucker featuring Jill Scott- This is from the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. It's different, but I like the lyrics to the song.

Rehab - Rihanna - I like this one because there have been a couple of times when I wanted to go into rehab after a relationship. Do they have places like that?

I Don't Mean It - R. Kelly - Begging at it's best.

Jenny Don't Be Hasty - Paolo Nutini - The title says it all.

Officially Missing U - Tamia - This is on my list of favorite songs too. I think she song this with me in mind. I have that effect. Mo you'll like this one.

Let's Do it Again - TLC - They also song this one for me to. I would do it again and again and again. Please don't stop!

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz - This is a new one from Mr. A-Z. IT catchy and has a Summer feel to it.

Chills - Fatty Koo - Guaranteed!

If You Really Wanna Know - Marc Dorsey - This is for the nosy sister that always has questions for a brother. Packs a punch that's not expected.

Winner - Chris Brown - Knockout! It's a simple song that gets right to the point.

There You Are - Sam Salter - This is going to be my wedding song when I decide to take that plunge. This is the perfect song if you ask me.


Mo said...

So I went and listened to most all of your songs.

The candy? I believe to be the sweetness of the girl's lotions and perfumes. Tell me it doesn't smell like Victoria's Secret up in a strip club.

I do like some of the ones you've mentioned here I have not heard before.

But I gotta wonder, you doing ok? If these are on constant rotation right now we might need to move our trip up to bring you some sunshine.

Ace C said...


Ace C said...

They were on rotation on that day.