Sunday Memories #2

Yesterday was a really laid back day for me. I wasn't really productive at all. I took the dog on a long hike through the desert mountain. It came complete with plenty of rabbits to chase, dirt, rocks, mountains, 100 degree weather and a stumble or two. No major injuries

Taking the walk the other day reminded me of all the walks I used to take with various people in my life. Each walk had a different meaning. Each walk had a different and sometimes repeated destination, but at the time I just looked at it as pointless and tiring. I just wanted to get there as soon as I could, so that I could either play, eat or sleep. Not always in that particular order.

Now I take walks for exercise. Never for a final destination. Never for peace of mind or to clear my head. Never to go visit a friend that lives on the other side of town. Never to go to Grandma's house because she had a bag full of apples, oranges and walnuts for me. Never.

Gone are those days when my mother was screaming for me to catch up because if we missed the bus, I was going to get a "ass-whooping". Gone are the days when I would get a bag of Dorito's and Jungle Juice to keep me quiet while in transit. Gone are the days when my grandmother would drag me walking because she was on her third diet for the year. Gone are the days when my mother greased my face with Vaseline. The last one I don't miss at all. She made me look like a slick monkey in children's clothing. Gone are those days. Replace with a damn car that eats premium gas the way I eat Skittles.

People always say that things go in cycles. Hopefully my walks will be cycling through.
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Mo said...

Can you enlighten me as to the purpose of the Vaseline?

And dude, when I walk for exercise, I always end up with a clear head. You don't?

Or, if it is not clear, I've got a list a mile long...

Ace C said...

The vaseline keeps the cold out.