Man Post #2

This is going to be quick because I'm in between flights and using the Internet kiosk in the airport before I fly back to Las Vegas. I know it sounds crazy to pay all that money just to type a blog, but I need to get this off my chest.

Let me first start off by saying that I'm not trying offend anyone, but if it happens it's only because this post we remind you of you.

Today I got on a flight and ended up sitting next to a pretty big dude. As I was walking towards him he didn't seem that big. As I rounded him to settle in my seat that's when it all hit me at once. his hips, thighs, side, back and arms were all pressing against me. I really didn't want to cause a scene on the airplane. I know how the guy would have felt. I would want to be the dude getting asked to step off the plane for being too be, but dammit next time I will. He didn't even fit in his seat. A fourth of him was in mine. I couldn't even pull the divider down between up because he was just that big. Trust me I tried pulling it down though, just to see if i could get some of my room back, but not to my surprise I couldn't. He tried his best to suck it in, but it was a useless try. He even asked for a soda and cookies on the flight. "Come on, Dude!" It was one of those are you joking moments. The dude could barely fit in the sit and the only thing on his mine was the in flight snack. Damn me for the bad luck. Damn me for not causing a scene and damn the crying baby in front of me for being the least of my problems.

As a man I like my seat to myself.

I'm off to my next flight and if it's anything like the last one, look for me to be on the news tonight or in the morning.


Mo said...

How many times do I have to tell you we don't have the liquid cash to bail you out right now? Sheesh!

And food choices, not the good ones, seem to be following you everywhere you go lately.

What are you putting out in the universe my dear friend?

Happy travels back to Vegas and welcome home!!!!

fiwa said...

You better watch what you put out there - I'll be showing up at your door with my sleeping bag and my pjs!

I hope your next flight was better. I have bad airplane luck - you name it and it's probably happened to me on a plane.

Brad said...

One of several reasons I hate to fly. I don't know how you & Mo do it. Thanks for the comment. I'll lick this rut yet.