california love

Its day two in Cali and I have to admit that I'm missing the heat. Its not that the weather is bad, but its a little cool here. The wind is blowing and the suns out. The sounds of laid back people saying "dude" and "awesome" fill the air. There are blondes, brunettes and all kind of hair colored women with ginormous boobs all over the place. Damn I wish I was a doctor in Cali!

I just finished have some of the most incredible Italian food that I have ever eaten in my life and I couldn't even let the Ist kick in. Shopping at the local mall. I'm not one to ever knock spending some money, but today was not supposed to be that day. Store after store. I drug my feet most of time. Luckily I got some Gelato and simmered down.
I'm heading to take a nap and reguvenate for later tonight. Hopefully the drinks will get things back into the Cali vibe. Fingers crossed.

I'm drinking one for all of you tonight.
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