Man Post #2

This is going to be quick because I'm in between flights and using the Internet kiosk in the airport before I fly back to Las Vegas. I know it sounds crazy to pay all that money just to type a blog, but I need to get this off my chest.

Let me first start off by saying that I'm not trying offend anyone, but if it happens it's only because this post we remind you of you.

Today I got on a flight and ended up sitting next to a pretty big dude. As I was walking towards him he didn't seem that big. As I rounded him to settle in my seat that's when it all hit me at once. his hips, thighs, side, back and arms were all pressing against me. I really didn't want to cause a scene on the airplane. I know how the guy would have felt. I would want to be the dude getting asked to step off the plane for being too be, but dammit next time I will. He didn't even fit in his seat. A fourth of him was in mine. I couldn't even pull the divider down between up because he was just that big. Trust me I tried pulling it down though, just to see if i could get some of my room back, but not to my surprise I couldn't. He tried his best to suck it in, but it was a useless try. He even asked for a soda and cookies on the flight. "Come on, Dude!" It was one of those are you joking moments. The dude could barely fit in the sit and the only thing on his mine was the in flight snack. Damn me for the bad luck. Damn me for not causing a scene and damn the crying baby in front of me for being the least of my problems.

As a man I like my seat to myself.

I'm off to my next flight and if it's anything like the last one, look for me to be on the news tonight or in the morning.
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hermosa/manhattan beach

Last night turned out pretty well. Got to eat some great late night pizza, drink beers and see a couple of drunk people fall flat on their faces. That always makes my night. I'd like to be there in the morning when they wake up. See how the friend who let them get fucked explain the events of the night. If it were me and that happened, my friend better have matching scares and bruises.

Today was OK. I finally got some beach time in. Thank God! Had some trials getting there this morning, but I got there and that's what counts. I rode some waves, eat some kickass burger and got sand all in my ass. All and all when shit develops flush the toilet.

I just finished watching Stepbrothers. It was ok. I was expecting a little more, but it was entertaining. I think that's the part that counts. Now I'm on my phone blogging.

One question and you don't have to answer it.

Why am I blogging on a Saturday in beautiful California?

california love

Its day two in Cali and I have to admit that I'm missing the heat. Its not that the weather is bad, but its a little cool here. The wind is blowing and the suns out. The sounds of laid back people saying "dude" and "awesome" fill the air. There are blondes, brunettes and all kind of hair colored women with ginormous boobs all over the place. Damn I wish I was a doctor in Cali!

I just finished have some of the most incredible Italian food that I have ever eaten in my life and I couldn't even let the Ist kick in. Shopping at the local mall. I'm not one to ever knock spending some money, but today was not supposed to be that day. Store after store. I drug my feet most of time. Luckily I got some Gelato and simmered down.
I'm heading to take a nap and reguvenate for later tonight. Hopefully the drinks will get things back into the Cali vibe. Fingers crossed.

I'm drinking one for all of you tonight.
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Los Angeles, CA and then some

Holy crap!

I finally made it to LA this morning, operating on no sleep because I decided to not pack and go drinking the night before.

Its been a long day so far. About five hours of waiting for the rest of the group to get here. Two hours at the rental car drop off and I've had nothing to eat.

Off to the hotel for some food and RR.


It's official. I'm on my way to Las Angeles, California. Actually I'm heading to Manhattan Beach, which is about 30 minutes away from LA. It's on the coast so I'm looking forward to getting some beach time in.

I'm packing as we speak. Hopefully I get everything and pack all the right stuff.

Toothbrush. Check.
Underwear. Check
Socks. Check
Suit. Check
Speedo. Check.

I'm heading there for a wedding. Hopefully the fun in the sun is what I need to get myself back on track. I've been loving all the vacations this year. I still have one more left before the Summer is out.

Drinks all around.
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First Visitors

Today was a good day. I receive my very first visitors since leaving WA. I wish that I could say that we went out and drank to all of our clothes came off, but that would be a lie. One of the visitors is pregnant. Damn the bad luck, but I am happy that some people took time out of their busy lives to come and visit me.
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E.T. Phone Home

Lately I've been having a problem getting people to either answer or return my calls. I devised a few helpful hints to make things move smoothly from now on.

Helpful Hints:

1) Answer all incoming phone calls before the third ring.

2) When you answer the phone, be warm and enthusiastic. Your voice at the end of the telephone line is sometimes the only impression of you a caller will get.

3) When answering the phone, welcome callers courteously and identify yourself. Say, for instance, "Good morning, This Monica Guzman. How may I help you?"

4) Enunciate clearly, keep your voice volume moderate, and speak slowly and clearly when answering the phone, so your caller can understand you easily.

5) Control your language when answering the phone. Don't use slang or jargon. Instead of saying, "OK", or "No problem", for instance, say "Certainly", "Very well", or "All right". If you're a person who uses fillers when you speak, such as "uh huh", "um", or phrases such as "like" or "you know", train yourself carefully not to use these when you speak on the phone.

6) Train your voice and vocabulary to be positive when phone answering, even on a "down" day. For example, rather than saying, "I don't know", say, "Let me find out about that for you."

7) Take telephone messages completely and accurately.

8) Answer all your calls within one business day. I can't emphasize this one enough.

9) Don't use a speaker phone unless absolutely necessary. Speaker phones give the caller the impression that you're not fully concentrating on his call, and make him think that his call isn't private. The only time to use a speaker phone is when you need more than one person to be in on the conversation at your end.

10) If you use an answering machine to answer calls when you can't, make sure that you have a professional message recorded, that does the same thing as tip # 3, and gives callers any other pertinent information before it records their messages. Update your answering machine message as needed.

In other words, just answer the damn phone!

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Deez Nuts

I was catching up on my morning news when I ran across this article about Olympic swimmer Eric Shanteau is heading to Beijing with a startling diagnosis: He has cancer. Not just any kind of cancer, he has testicular cancer.

Now, Shanteau’s putting off surgery until after Beijing because he doesn’t want to disrupt his lifelong goal of swimming in the Olympics. Two words, "Crazy".

There are a lot of things I'm willing to put off. I'm willing to put off doing the dishes, taking out the trash, spring cleaning. My testicles I don't think so. It's not like you can replace them. Once they are gone, they are gone. I guess I've never been presented with something like this that only happens once every 4 years. So I guess I will never know how to deal with a situation of this caliber, but I do know that I want to keep my old saggy balls as long as possible.

"Let'em hang while you can."
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Tunes iLike

Here a some songs that describe what kind of mood I'm in right now. I can't really explain the mood and why I'm listening to this songs. They are all pretty light songs, nothing to drastic. If you are a metal head, country bumpkin or anything that doesn't like smooth R&B or light rock, bypass all these songs.

Sex and Candy - Marcy's Playground - This is one of my all time favorite songs, containing. to of my all time favorite things. I think this was about a strip joint though. I've never smelled candy in there.

When it Comes - Tyler Hilton- Two words. "Air Pop"

Right and a Wrong Way - Mario - This is a remake of an old classic. Nice to hear someone else trying to tackle it.

Complain - Tweet - This is what I want a woman to come up and say to me and I'll be on my way to get her a ring and a house with a white picket fence. Hold the kids.

Sometimes I Wonder - Darius Rucker featuring Jill Scott- This is from the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. It's different, but I like the lyrics to the song.

Rehab - Rihanna - I like this one because there have been a couple of times when I wanted to go into rehab after a relationship. Do they have places like that?

I Don't Mean It - R. Kelly - Begging at it's best.

Jenny Don't Be Hasty - Paolo Nutini - The title says it all.

Officially Missing U - Tamia - This is on my list of favorite songs too. I think she song this with me in mind. I have that effect. Mo you'll like this one.

Let's Do it Again - TLC - They also song this one for me to. I would do it again and again and again. Please don't stop!

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz - This is a new one from Mr. A-Z. IT catchy and has a Summer feel to it.

Chills - Fatty Koo - Guaranteed!

If You Really Wanna Know - Marc Dorsey - This is for the nosy sister that always has questions for a brother. Packs a punch that's not expected.

Winner - Chris Brown - Knockout! It's a simple song that gets right to the point.

There You Are - Sam Salter - This is going to be my wedding song when I decide to take that plunge. This is the perfect song if you ask me.
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Sunday Memories #2

Yesterday was a really laid back day for me. I wasn't really productive at all. I took the dog on a long hike through the desert mountain. It came complete with plenty of rabbits to chase, dirt, rocks, mountains, 100 degree weather and a stumble or two. No major injuries

Taking the walk the other day reminded me of all the walks I used to take with various people in my life. Each walk had a different meaning. Each walk had a different and sometimes repeated destination, but at the time I just looked at it as pointless and tiring. I just wanted to get there as soon as I could, so that I could either play, eat or sleep. Not always in that particular order.

Now I take walks for exercise. Never for a final destination. Never for peace of mind or to clear my head. Never to go visit a friend that lives on the other side of town. Never to go to Grandma's house because she had a bag full of apples, oranges and walnuts for me. Never.

Gone are those days when my mother was screaming for me to catch up because if we missed the bus, I was going to get a "ass-whooping". Gone are the days when I would get a bag of Dorito's and Jungle Juice to keep me quiet while in transit. Gone are the days when my grandmother would drag me walking because she was on her third diet for the year. Gone are the days when my mother greased my face with Vaseline. The last one I don't miss at all. She made me look like a slick monkey in children's clothing. Gone are those days. Replace with a damn car that eats premium gas the way I eat Skittles.

People always say that things go in cycles. Hopefully my walks will be cycling through.
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Updating Again

The blog is getting some renovations!
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Rancid @ HOB Las Vegas, Nevada

It's always easy to dismiss a band that you have never heard of, but it takes a real man to revel in the fact that he is willing to go out on a limb and discover a piece of his rock roots. Rock roots, two words that I will use loosely when describing Rancid.

I'm not really sure how to classify them. Rock is an area that I'm familiar with, but not enough to start classifying groups. I guess I would treat them as a punk band.

The Frisco quartet reveled in 1978, I think. (Quick side note. It's 2008. For those of you who can't count that's 30 years ago.) I don't think anyone has informed them that we are half way through 2008. Hell, front man Tim Armstrong even has that safety-pin leather jacket, like wearing it will somehow keep him locked in the era when the were, if at all relevant. One of the guitarist looked like he jumped right out 1987. He came complete with a "Flash Dance" sweater and some "Hammer pants", with spray painted words. I can't help but think that he has numerous pairs of those pants.

After 30 years in the business Rancid didn’t break any new ground or make me a fan. Rancid smashed or should I say drilled through almost every song. I thought that rock bands were supposed to be interactive. It almost seemed like they had somewhere they needed to be. Between the constant guitar problems and fans throwing random things on stage, I never really got into the concert.

I spent the entire hour and a half texting and looking at my watched. If only time rushed as fast as they did on stage. And I could be wrong, but I swear the lead singer ran off stage for what might have been 30 seconds to piss. I could be wrong, but I am sure I'm not.

At the end of the concert the group thanked the opening acts and fans. They then announced that they had an upcoming CD due out later this year, not sure what the name of it is though. I'm sure that it will continue on the same tired path as all their previous work.

I only have a few choice words for the guys of Rancid, "Try Rap, it seems to be working for all the other idiots!".

Seacrest out!
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Drunken Call

If your phone rings at 11:45 PM, don't answer it. It's probably going to turn into a long night of drinking with one of your buddies.
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