Lake Havasu City

Tuesday was a good day. It was spent taking a short 2 hour road trip to Lake Havasu City, Arizona for some fun in the sun.

16 of us hit the road early Tuesday morning. With my iPod playing the latest cuts we were on our way to have a good time. The only negative was the drive there because there wasn't much for scenery, just dry desert.

With a quick stop at Wal-Mart after we arrived and a little drama(What's a trip without any?), it took no time to get on the boat and get the liquor flowing, food cooking, tubing, swimming and cliff diving.

I guess there comes a time in a every man's life where he has to be adventurous! This is about all that you are get from me.

Black folks after eating chicken wings. Somebody forgot to bring the damn watermelon.
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Mo said...

I don't want hate but dammit, you had yourself one fine time didn't you?

Mo said...

Oh and the hat you are sporting? It would look great with the linen suit we both know you are going to break down and buy. LOL

....You Sick Bastard said...

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