Go Celtics!

Here's to the Celtics. Hopefully today is the last and the rightful owners of a NBA title will be crowned.


Celtics win by the whopping 39 points. Who knew? I know one person that didn't and now she is kicking herself in the ass and getting wasted on some Goose and lemonade. There is always next year, my dear friend.
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Mo said...


Ace C said...

I know. I learned from you.

Mo said...

Oooh, that's not even right.

You best be glad you're in Vegas and I am here or I would so totally kick your purple ass!

Oh wait, that body part prolly isn't purple. Your chocolate ass. Mine. Kicking it all up and down.

Bring it!

....You Sick Bastard said...

I was going for the Lakers but Kobe crying made up for it. He's too full of himself, but he can play.

Mo said...

LOL. Love you. Mean it.

And to be exact, I was drinking Bud Light and the shot of rum Maricel made me take with her.