Back to Cali

So I'm on my way back to Cali. It's been some time since I've actually set foot in this state and the memories are starting to flow.

I'm actually down here for one of my buddies weddings (sucker). I wish I could stop him, but his mind is set.

Ventura, CA. Sunny, light breeze, a little humid, smooth air and the beers are already flowing. Pizza is on the way from the local pizza parlor and my sleeping bag is already laid out on the floor.

I'm just here to enjoy the scenery and have a good time. So my advice to all of you is to throw your worries to the side and have a beer. Enjoy folks.


Mo said...

Amen brother!

Have a great time, travel safe, and nice to see you back on here.

Slick said...

Never been to Cali.

I see on TV that all the girls walk around in thongs right out in public.

It's my new dream vacation.

Enjoy your time there!