I Got...

updates and pictures to come soon folks. Just starting to get settled in to the new place. The weather here is beating my head in. I guess I totally forgot what the heat feels like. Washington has babied me for far too long. Can a brother get a sprinkle of rain? Hello? Guess not.

Life in Sin City appears to always be in the "fast lane". I'm struggling right now to keep up, but I will eventually master this environment some how, some way.

So far I've joined a gym, been bowling, been to a minor league baseball game, had a night of pool, my first house party and tonight I'm going to hit up the Rio. I've only been here three days folks.

I've been snapping away with the trusty old Canon and will try to give some insight on what life is like here for me.

I hope spirits are high and life is treating everyone well.
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Mo said...

I guess I can't use your saying on you right now can I?

There's no "lazy, just lazy" going on in your world.

We're supposed to get a little bit of rain today and the rest of this week.

I'm not hating. I'm just saying...

What's going on at the Rio?

Ace C said...

THe Rio was some random person. A little networking.

Mo said...

I want pictures dang it!

....You Sick Bastard said...

It's Vegas, it'll swallow you alive. But while you're going down, meet a lot of women.