True Story, No Lie

Judging from the title you know that this is going to be a good story or at least I think that it is.

As everyone knows I'm moving to the Las Vegas in about 3 weeks, give or take a few days. I decided to call the chic that I rent a room from, just to remind her that I will be moving out at the end of next month. I only did this give her a heads up. Just to make sure we were on the same page about this months payment. When I moved in I paid first and last months rent up front, so I was hoping she would say, "I know that you won't be paying rent. I am going to miss your monthly contribution to my mortgage. You're so great that I want to sleep with you before you leave."

It's good to have a fantasy here and there. As you can guess that's not what happen. Below is the transcript of text messages.

Leaving Transcript: (All transcript is exact. No words are spelling have been changed.)

Ace: "You know next month is my last month.
Her: "Ya??? I know ;( so you'll be paying April and then that's it? Can I visit you in las Vegas.
Ace: "Lol. Yep."
Her: "I'm going to miss you taking care of my place and helping me keep my kids in line. Are you having a going away party?"
Ace: "Not sure yet."
Her: "Well you already know I go to Las Vegas a lot so I'll see you there for sure but if you have a party before you leave I'll come to that too"
Ace: "Ok"
Ace: "Hey, I am confused. When I moved in I thought I paid first and last month's rent. $500 when I moved in and $500 on the 15th of that month."

15 minute pause

Her: "that was a unerfundable deposit. Because I didn't kow what I was getting my self into with someone I didn't know."
Ace: "Hmmm. I could have sworn it was first and last."
Her: "No because it was at first first and last and a deposet but I just ended up doing the two out of the three because that was a lot of$'s"
Ace: "But hey you have been the coolest so if you can cover April's rent I'll see what I can do about getting you back the full dropsit. Cool? In the next couple of months."

I know you are wondering what's the problem. It seems really cut and dry, but it really isn't at all. Here is the problem with the whole situation. I'm sure that I paid for first and last months rent when I moved in. I remember any and everything that has to do with my finances. Getting screwed right now is not an option for me. I'm moving down the coast and need all the money I can keep in my pockets. During the conversation we were both thinking different things that we wanted to say in the text messages. Below is how the transcript should have went.

Oh Really Transcript:

Ace: I am moving out at the end of the month. I enjoyed staying there and I am off to Las Vegas in 3 weeks. Hope all goes well with you see you later.
Her: "Okay, it was nice knowing. Don't forget to have your money in by the 5th of April.
Ace: "I don't owe you any %$#^ing money! Get the #$^@ outta here!"
Her: "Oh yes you do. I change my mind now that I need the money to pay my mortage."
Her: "Pay for April and I'll pay you back in a couple months, if you can get ahold of me after you leave. Dueces!"

Needless to say I'm about the reek havoc, if this isn't resolved.


Mo said...

You crack my sh*t up!

Just let me know ahead of time if you think I need to have bail money ready. You know the love kitty has drained my liquid funds of late.

....You Sick Bastard said...

Its funny how you caught what she said a few text messages later. Kind of like "yeah, Las Vegas, HEY!"

I gotta question, is she blonde?

Ace C said...

Lol. Nah. Mexican.