Yester(Day) Hike @ The Spit Sequim, WA

Yesterday I had a specific purpose of exploring and enjoying new scenery. I usually take a trail by my old place, but today I wanted to explore another trail or area that I thought I had never seen.

Luckily one of my co-workers has a nice piece of land in the area where I wanted to go hiking. It came complete with a camper and a campfire. To make things even more "awesomer"(...technically not a word, I know.) everyone wanted to go hiking with me so I didn't have to go trekking alone. Even the little ones were excited about going. I don't think that they knew what they were getting into. Too bad none of my friends like to explore the wilderness and break a sweat. So much for be domesticated. "Damn you civilazation and evolution, damn you!"

It's always nice to get out of the house on a non-rainy day in Washington. We don't get too many nice Winter days, but when we do it's best to take advantage of it. There is no telling when you will get another chance. Hiking is one of my fundamental outdoor activities and exercise. There are many beautiful places in Washington that can only be reached overland by hiking, and one of the best ways to become one with nature.

The place where we went was a 5 mile stretch. I think that we might have gotten a least one mile in. Hiking over long distances seems to be difficult for some, especially when kids are involved.

After the hike we all piled around the campfire on what appeared to be old car seats to roast some hot dogs. There has always been something about being primative and cooking over an open fire that I just get. Campfires have been used for cooking since time immemorial. Possibly the simplest method of cooking. Who needs Rachel Ray's, 30 Minute Meals, when you got the outdoors.

My day hiking trip can only be described in a couple of sentences:

It was pleasant.
I enjoyed the silence and solitude of the surroundings, no loud sounds, shouting or loud conversation to disrupt my enjoyment.
The sound of the ocean washing up on the shore.

Life is great, enjoy it!

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Mo said...

Ok, if it wasn't for the fact that I was home for only one day, I would be kickin' your ass right about now.

I love to hike and damn you, the outdoors and I get along.

You had the kind of day I would have loved to have had.

Um, what do you say we make this happen before you head out to *ahem* sin city?

elay said...

that looked like one good hike..i love the outdoors too. great exercise and a way to unwind.