Appointment @ Applebee's

Quick story in fragments.

Guy with "Pro-Life Abortion" sign.
I stick my hand out the window to give guy thumbs up.
Continue driving.
Arrive at Applebee's.
Lady who was behind me the whole time also arrives at Applebee's to eat too... I guess.
Lady confronts me.
Lady tells me that guy and myself should keep our opinions to ourselves...abortion is a choice.
I tell lady to go screw herself because my stand on abortion is also "my choice".
Lady gets angry calls me a smartass.
I say thank you continue into Applebee's.
Shot of Patron!


Mo said...

Stuff like this seems to only happen to us doesn't it?

I am glad you stood your ground.

elay said...

haha..that lady couldn't help it huh..she really has to come and confront everyone and the whole world is her business. good thing you stood by what you think..