The Days Get Shorter....

The big move is getting closer and closer. By now everyone knows that I'm gearing up to move to Las Vegas at the end of April. I'm really starting to get agoged about the whole situation. Maybe not so much overwhelmed, but the realization is starting to set and set hard. I've had a hard time telling a few people about the move, which brings me to what I'm talking about today.

In my spare time I do a lot of volunteer work. I'm in a program that is like the Big Brother program, but it's for youths that have one or more parents incarcerated.

I'm trying to figure out a way to tell a ten year old that the only person consistent in his life is moving away. Since I don't have any kids and don't have the slightest clue on child development; I have prolonged telling him what my future plans are. I need to decide what I"m going to tell him, when this is going to take place, and who is going to do it. I think that it should come from me, but i also think that the his mom should be of some assistance. In the past he has a lot of problems coping with people exiting, i.e. "The Grandma". Careless, hasty words or words, will only make the situation worse.

A little part of me wants to just leave and not say anything and another part of me wants to deliver this news fifteen minutes before I get into the car to start driving to Las Vegas.

This is a terrible time for me to leave too. I've talked to the coordinator the program and she's been have trouble finding mentors to begin with. I guess I'm just trying to find the "right words" to say. With my time frame dwindling I'm going to have to step up and just deliver the news.

To all you out there with a little too much free time on your hand, keep in
mind, that kids are suffering for someone to help guide them in the right path.
Everyone needs a little extra TLC.
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Time wasted that I can never get back!
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This Blows...

It must be something in the water going around. I arrived to work today and found out that 2 of my co-workers are out sick. Another one came to work sick and now she is out for the next 2 days. Another one is sweating it out in her cubicle. Chances are that she won't be here tomorrow either. And when you think that it can't get any worse, a blogger is out for the count too.

I've heard them all around me this weekend. Flu-sick sneezers and coughers at the office, daycare, shopping mall, grocery store, and gym. Avoiding the flu isn't as easy as one might think.
What can I do? Where can I go? Who do I call? Is there a help line?

I am about a week and a half away from heading to Mexico and it's very difficult to protect oneself from catching a virus. I am going to do everything in my power not to get sick. I for sure and going to avoid close contact with people who are sick. From late October to mid-March seems to be when the epidemic picks up. As far as everyone else, the only advice I can give is, "Proceed at your own risk!".

The last time I had the flu was about 6 or 7 years ago. A lady that I worked with sneezed in my face. I ended up sick as a dog and contracting a sinus infection. My mom thought it was tuberculosis. She's no doctor, but I thank her for the diagnosis.

When I leave work today I am going to stock up on hand sanitizers and take some meds just for the hell of it.

Mexico is in my sights. Not losing focus!
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Appointment @ Applebee's

Quick story in fragments.

Guy with "Pro-Life Abortion" sign.
I stick my hand out the window to give guy thumbs up.
Continue driving.
Arrive at Applebee's.
Lady who was behind me the whole time also arrives at Applebee's to eat too... I guess.
Lady confronts me.
Lady tells me that guy and myself should keep our opinions to ourselves...abortion is a choice.
I tell lady to go screw herself because my stand on abortion is also "my choice".
Lady gets angry calls me a smartass.
I say thank you continue into Applebee's.
Shot of Patron!
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Yester(Day) Hike @ The Spit Sequim, WA

Yesterday I had a specific purpose of exploring and enjoying new scenery. I usually take a trail by my old place, but today I wanted to explore another trail or area that I thought I had never seen.

Luckily one of my co-workers has a nice piece of land in the area where I wanted to go hiking. It came complete with a camper and a campfire. To make things even more "awesomer"(...technically not a word, I know.) everyone wanted to go hiking with me so I didn't have to go trekking alone. Even the little ones were excited about going. I don't think that they knew what they were getting into. Too bad none of my friends like to explore the wilderness and break a sweat. So much for be domesticated. "Damn you civilazation and evolution, damn you!"

It's always nice to get out of the house on a non-rainy day in Washington. We don't get too many nice Winter days, but when we do it's best to take advantage of it. There is no telling when you will get another chance. Hiking is one of my fundamental outdoor activities and exercise. There are many beautiful places in Washington that can only be reached overland by hiking, and one of the best ways to become one with nature.

The place where we went was a 5 mile stretch. I think that we might have gotten a least one mile in. Hiking over long distances seems to be difficult for some, especially when kids are involved.

After the hike we all piled around the campfire on what appeared to be old car seats to roast some hot dogs. There has always been something about being primative and cooking over an open fire that I just get. Campfires have been used for cooking since time immemorial. Possibly the simplest method of cooking. Who needs Rachel Ray's, 30 Minute Meals, when you got the outdoors.

My day hiking trip can only be described in a couple of sentences:

It was pleasant.
I enjoyed the silence and solitude of the surroundings, no loud sounds, shouting or loud conversation to disrupt my enjoyment.
The sound of the ocean washing up on the shore.

Life is great, enjoy it!

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14, which just happens to be today. It's the "traditional" day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering some kind of confectionery.

The holiday is named after two early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. If only I was around back then to give him a swift kick in the balls, life would be much better for all (man)kind.

My day has been full of red and pink everything. There are roses and balloons. There are massive amounts of chocolate. I am really pissed about the chocolates because i can't eat any right now. Someone even brought in heart shape donuts to the office... what the @%$#!

I must say that I am not against Valentine's Day, just opposed to it!

I'm Back!

I've finally set foot back in Washington. Vegas was full of good times.

More to come...
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