Surprise! Surprise!

So I wake up this morning to a really nice surprise. I better rephrase the last thing I just stated. I was awaken by the loud intrusive ringer of my phone. I rollover and I can feel the steam starting sizzle off the top of my dome. I am thinking, "Who in the hell is calling me this morning, because they know that I am off work and if it's not important I'm going to tell the &^%$ off!"

I let out a groggy, "Hello."
On the other end I hear, "Did you get anything in the mail yesterday?" (It's Buddy Lee)
I reply, "I didn't check the mailbox, but I got a package from my mom for my birthday."

He tells me to go and check the mail because he sent something overnight. As pissed as I am I go downstairs and get the mail. I begin sifting through the mail until I come across what appears t be a birthday card from him. The steam begins to rise again. I'm thinking to myself, "I hope he didn't just wake me for a birthday card.

I say to him, "Did you just wake me for a birthday card that I would have eventually got today?"
He replies, "Yep!"

As I am about to let him have he says, "Just open it, fool."

Long story short. There was an itinerary for Seattle to Las Vegas.

Meaning: I am on my way to Vegas next week.

I guess it's a good thing that I had leave starting on Monday and all I need to do now is extend my leave until the end of the week.
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Mo said...

Holy hell batman. Buddy Lee ROCKS.

Puts my present to shame.

And you are going to come back right? Don't get all cute on us and go AWOL.

I've got mad detective skills if I have to come find you.

Ace C said...