Sunday Memories #1

So I am currently reading this book by Rob Sheffield, Love is a Mixtape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time. The title says everything you need to know about the book. I am only a few of chapters into the book, but I am really drawn in already.

Chapter 3 brought back memories for me. The chapter was about mixtapes. It broke down the way people used to make mixtape with cassettes. I would say CDs, but people don't make those anymore either. Most of us make playlists on our iPods. Damn evolution.

Back to the subject at hand. It brought back all kinds of memories when I used to sit in front of the radio and wait for my favorite songs to come on the radio and record them. I remember keeping a cassette in the radio. I would always cut off the intro of the song no matter how hard I tried not to and trying to make sure that I didn't get any part of the DJ talking at the end of the song was a task for me too. I wish I could have kept some of those cassettes because I would love to be put back in the original time and place when I first heard the songs.

The chapter goes on to break different mixtapes, so I decided to share a little bit of what kind of mixtapes (iPod Playlist) I have on my iPod.

Party Playlist
The Party Playlist is a list of songs that get the party started. It's full of songs that get everybody on the dance and keeps them moving for hours on end. It's the songs that you would expect to hear in the club. The songs have a certain quality, entertainment and a sound that lights you up.

example: Sexyback, Justin Timberlake

I Want You Playlist
The I Want You Playlist is full of songs that you plan on playing when the time is right. It's full of smooth and sensual songs to ease the clothes off the woman of your dreams. The songs say all the things that you want to say to a woman, but just can't say. The songs hit the spot for you and get you closer to hitting the spot.

example: I'll Make Love to You, Boyz II Men

You Broke My Heart Playlist
The You Broke my Heart Playlist is full of songs that only you know because they help you through the times when you are heartbroken. They get you to the point where you are about to cry or cry. They remind you of all the good times and especially the bad times that the relationship brought to the table. It's full of songs that make you want to sit in the dark with a beer and just sing along. It's makes it even better when you are tone deaf because it makes you want to sing them even louder.

example: Last Request, Paolo Nutini

"Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders
Lay down beside me
Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere
But one last time let's go there
Lay down beside me"

The Road Trip Playlist

The Road Trip Playlist is a collection of great driving music and road trip tunes so that you can feel like you're not on the road. It's the playlist that comes out when me and fellas either go hiking or snowboarding. It's full of songs that everyone knows and if you don't know the songs you fake it.

example: You Shook Me All Night Long, ACDC


Mo said...

Dude, When you are not looking, I am so going to peek at your iPod.

elay said... got a great playlist in there..
my playlist says zzzz - its for music that i listen to before i'm off to dreamland.

jumpstart - tracks that could jumpstart my i play them in the morning..mostly lively music.

random - mostly any song that i like to sing to..much like your roadtrip playlist..that almost everyone knows.


you got your link in my blog can go check it out..! c'yah!