Se7en... About Me... Wouldn't Know

...I can't eat breakfast food without grape jelly.
...I never go barefoot, I always wear socks.
...I watch Oprah.
...I don't drink Kool-Aid or eat watermelon just because it's a stereotype, but I can't give up chicken.
...I always want to be James Bond
...I want my own theme song to play whenever I enter a room.
...I despise meatloaf or anything that resembles it.
Now I'm suppose to tag seven more people, but I don't have seven people that I know of so...
Thanks for a post idea kimmyk.


kimmyk said...

why no grape jelly?

i wear socks all day long but in the summer my feet are bare...

i gave up on oprah. she gets on my nerves.

never kool-aid? omg i love kool-aid. and watermelon. *rollin' my eyes at the stereotype.* dude let it go....and just getcha a big glass of strawberry kool aid [my fav] and a big slice of watermelon this summer-refreshing!!!!

what would your theme song be?

hate meatloaf too. nasty !

funny that you did this post. oh and i love the picture you posted with it. very cool.

Mo said...

But you'll find a watermelon candle in all of Ikea! :)

Um, a theme song plays in everyone's head when you walk into a room. It is just we have our own assigned to you. But if you did have to choose one, which one would it be.

Ok, ok...I am going to get ready now. *Pfft*

Ace C said...

I screwed the first one up. I meant I have to eat grape jelly with everything. And I think the them song would be Rod Stewart, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"