The little booklet to the right is about to make me jump to my death. After 26 years of not having one, it's time for me to take another step towards adulthood and get a passport.

Being in the military has afforded me to travel all over the world without needing one. I never thought getting one would be that be of a deal, but it has become that way.

196.00 later I have one on the way.



Mo said...

I need to get one of those too. What exactly does it take, other than bank?

elay said...

i didn't know you guys didn't carry a passport around..i mean i knew you didn't have to go through immigration like everyone else..just haven't thought of that.

this post reminded me that mine is going to expire to have it renewed..thanks.

kimmyk said...

where you goin' that you need a passport?