Blackberry Curve 8310

Say hello to my new friend.
Most of you know that I am a "techno" geek and like most things that are electronic and new, but I really wasn't looking to upgrade my last phone. I am transitioning out of the Navy and need to save as much money as I possibly can, but my last phone "shit the bed". This unfortunate situation has brought the phone you see up top into my life. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but as long as I can receive my calls and text message I am "A-OK".
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Mo said...

Who is hating on big red now?

He is still going strong. LOL

All kidding aside, let me know how you like your new "gadget". I am still going to upgrade.

But until then, big red RULES!

kimmyk said...

looks all big and bulky is it?
i would like the keypad but in all honesty i barely remember to take mine with me half the time. it's 4 years old and so outdated. i'd like a new techy phone but i'm such a cheapass. lol.

have fun and enjoy it!