Bitch Power

So I'm still reading the same book by Rob Sheffield, when I come across this quote from Rick James in the book. It's from back in the day from a magazine interview. I've been sitting here trying to figure what was Rick thinking. I looked it up and found out what it exactly means, but I just want to know what you get out of?

"It's this kind of syndrome—where if a guy sees his girlfriend likin' somebody, that's called 'bitch-power.' Like Elvis Presley was hated by men, hated, 'cause he had bitch power. Teddy Pendergrass has bitch power, I just found out that I have a little bitch power. But beyond bitch power"—"I have something else, that men like—and that's the truth, and the down-to-earth shit, OK? So men don't mind bringin' their women to see me, 'cause I have bitch power but it's in another way. "


kimmyk said...

that he's delusional.

men do not have bitch powers. has he lost his mind.

"bitch please i'm rick james!"

okay okay...i dunno what he is referring to, but he's crazy.

....You Sick Bastard said...

Just show 'em the pimp hand

elay said...

bitch power..hmmm..should we include that in the list of superhero powers? ..;D

Ace C said...

Kimmy- Calm down.

SFB- I got two to show'em.

Elay- That would be nice wouldn't it.