Really...A Chipmunk!

Well not technically. Technically it's a "Yorkie". And something that I could have gone my whole life without ever getting up close and personal with. Don't get me wrong, I am the quintessential animal lover. I do animals like kids do video games and like women do makeup, but there is a breaking point somewhere.

So the little guy you see in the pictures is Marley. He's about 8 weeks old. Pretty cute little fella, huh. I am sure you think so because he isn't crapping and peeing all over your bathroom, living room and any other places he can get his little hairy butt into.

I am trying to work with it, but it really is trying. I am not sure what idiot ever came up with the idea that dogs should be given for presents. When I do find out I'm going to give him a swift kick in the balls and make him pay for carpet cleaning.

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2008: The Year of You

Well I know that I am a little early for things like this, but I was reading the latest Men's Health and felt that I should share some good stuff with you.

Keep in mind this list is for the guys, ladies flip so that it fits you.

It was titled, "Hell, I can do that" Resolutions for 2008. (...with added words from me.)

1. Go see the musician you keep saying that you always wanted to see. That rolling stone won't keep on rolling forever. Go even if you have to go by yourself.

2. Go hands free while driving, cell phone free while in the car and from time to time leave that damn iPod behind.

3. Your constantly sick of work. Know what cures? Using your sick days. Just look at your calendar and decide. Four days equals one long weekend per season, and it's easy to survive the cubicle knowing that an escape is just weeks away.

4. Live for right now and not in some glorious past you're probably misremembering anyways.

5. Act like a grown-up when writing emails. No more emoticons and cut the LOLs, which now means "loser on line."

6. Cut down the by one beer each session. Enough said.

7. It's been too long. Enough with calling dudes "dude."

8. Root out resentment. Move on.

9. Streamline your space. A big box of Hefty bags goes for no more than $15. A shredder cost no more than $50. And a year has 52 Saturdays, so on 12 of them, excise the unproductive memories, dates manuals, and worn-out clothes.

10. Drop three compliments a day. You'll become known for not complaining all the time. People will connect with you better when the time comes. You never know what a compliment does for someone's day.

11. Traffic Exist. It's not going anywhere. Do what it takes to avoid it.

12. Take out the earbuds. Stifle the Bluetooth headset. Talk to the people who are right there with you. You just might make a connection. Networking people, networking.

13. Ask the people you know questions about themselves, you never know what you'll learn.

14. If you haven't noticed, it an election year. Vote. Lets remember that there's far more the unites us than divides us.

15. There's nothing that happens after 11:30 p.m. that can't be replied to or DVR'd the next day. Hit the pillow for some restorative sleep, then hit the ground running the next day.
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This Christmas

Hope that each and everyone of you have a happy and peaceful time "This Christmas".

Sick of This Song

At first I really love this song, but after visiting Vegas I have changed my mind.


Day Six: Missed Flight/Recovery

Well I couldn't muster up enought energy to get myself on the flight, so I cancel and opted for a later. I don't think that I would have been able to pick myself up at 4 am since we had just got in the house at 3:30. Sleep is what I needed and that's what I got.

After sleeping and lunch I finally headed for the airport. for some strange reason I wasn't ready to go. It felt like I was living something behind. I'm not quite sure what that something is because I have no real connection to the place.

After flying the whole day the only story I got out of it was seeing Dr. 90210. You know the weird one, Dr. Rey. He looks even crazier in person.

Finally a familiar sign. Home.
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Day Five: Hot Wing Challenge/ Bowling

As the vacation draws to a close the animal begins to emerge. So my last night in Vegas started off at the wing place again. They had a wing challenge that I could not pass up. The challenge was to see if you could eat twelve of their hottest wings in six minutes, without any water.

I rarely ever back down from a challenge. I didn't and neither did he, but he had nothing on me. 2:14 is how long it took me to devoure those wings. It took him twice as long. Maybe if he wasn't so busy watching me, he could have been downing wings.

The shirt and picture are the rewards. I am on the wall, baby!

We both got shirts.

The ladies. They were okay, but the guys kicked their butts.

The guys. We had a pretty awesome time there. Too bad that I sucked major ass. Usually the more beer I have the better I get, but this time I was a trainwreck. Next time I will be prepared for bowling and more beer. You only live once, you might as well do it in Vegas.
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Day Four: Hockey/Country Line Dancing

Me and Buddy at the hockey game. Beers on the way.

Two tokens, open containers and a country bar. Hell has frozen over! Somebody call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

My line dancing partners. I can tush push. I always new people stole country from the Mexicans.

Somebody please tell what the hell that qoute means before I blow a gasket!
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Day Three: Home Alone/Buffalo Wings

So after riding dirty and no sleep. We crack open a few beers before going to bed and I wish Buddy's roommates parents a final farewell back to Wisconsin.

Today was one of the less exciting days for me. It seemed to be a bunch of dead air and too much time. I spent most of my time at the house watching T.V. and working out. Even on vacation I find time watch T.V and to record shows on other people's T.V. I got it like that I guess. T.V. junkie, Check! Lazy ass, Check! Snacks, hell no!

Yep, that's a little bit of boredom on my face and also a little bit of intrigue because I am watching some of my favorite shows. The blanket helps too. Smells like old people, but its comfortable and cozy.

Other things that I manange to get myself into while sitting at the house waiting for everyone to get off work. Top Ramen. I think that its been five years since I have put Top Tamen into my body. The days of eight month deployments are over and so are Top Ramen. I really didn't have a choice. It was either Top Ramen or Lean Pockets. And to top all of it off I drank regular soda. Bad, Ace. I was working out everyday so it doesn't count.

The picture below is of me and Buddy on our way to a place called, Buffalo Wild Wings. He got off work around midnight. Overtime is a bitch.It's a place were you can pretty much get wings in whatever flavor you want. The flavors go from tasty to "Oh my God, my ass is on fire! I swear to you, I'm not kidding at all. We ended up meeting a couple of his friends there for more beers and a couple of margaritas.

The damage and aftershock, which included a heaping of ketchup on my wings.

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Day Two: Gun Range/Friends/Riding Dirty

*** This one is for you Monica. From "milk" to "dark" chocolate.***

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It was filled with a lot of stuff to do and what seemed like not enough time to do it in.

Lets us first start off by saying that being black is a lot different than being another race. When I say different I mean this in the most respectful way. I was brought up to do certain things that most people never ever have to do in their life. I was raised to iron my clothes everyday. From T-shirts to jeans. Everything gets pressed. I was raised to wash my ass. Meaning to get every nook and cranny possible. Stay in the shower as long as it takes. Five minutes is not a good clean-up job. Spring clean everyday and if there is enough time Summer clean. Meaning everyday you must dust, vacuum, mop, wash dishes and so on and on. Always say "Please", "Thank You", "Excuse Me", "Yes Ma'am or Sir" and "Kiss my black ass!" I know I got a laugh out of you there. Even though I am out of the house, I still do all these things. I have learned to control myself when I am at someone else's house, so that I don't make others feel uncomfortable about there surroundings. With that said lets get on with day two of Vegas.

"Lets go, Princess!"

That's what I heard once I got out of the shower. It was my buddies (Let's call him Buddy) roommate. He was repeating it. Telling me that it was taking me too long in the shower. I didn't think that I had even been there that long. Excuse me if I have to wash my ass here and there, but I ain't leaving the house without doing so. I sweat like crazy during the night. A shower is a must. I finish as fast I can and down stairs and get ready to the gun range. I wasn't really feeling the gun range, but I was all about doing stuff that I don't normally do.

I guess God was reading my mind and I am glad that he was. Buddy brought it to everyone's attention that if we went we would be coming back during rush our and it wouldn't be fun to be stuck in traffic.


To the grocery store to pick up beer, baby!

Home cooked meal and more friends.

Power nap and off to ride dirty.
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Day One: Extended

So the first day in Vegas was pretty mellow. I didn't get to cause too much damage. I spent the first couple of hours after I touched down taking a nap.

It was off to my buddies mom's house for my first home cook meal in ages. I have to tell you its been a long time since I cleaned a plate(Spaghetti was on the menu.). While there we watched a movie, Rescue Dawn. Not to self and everyone else, never try to watch a movie after a home cooked meal. It just doesn't work. So as you guessed I went back to sleep. For those of you who don't know me, I have a tendency to fall asleep without warning. After my brief nap we went back to my buddies place. His roommates parents were also in town.

After giving them a little conversation and a QT, my buddy, his roommate and I were off to a bar were we stayed until about six in the morning. Many Coronas, Amstel Light, Bud Light and Rum and Coke were drank over pool and shuffle board.

I spent the night listening to his friends ramble on about their jobs and the people that they come in contact with.

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Day One: Arrival

I have finally arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am ready to hit the ground running. I have no clue what is in store for me but I know there will be no gambling and no hookers. At least that's what the plan is, but as we all know, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!".

I will try to update you the best I can of what happens to me on the trip.
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In Transition

I am in transition from Seattle, Washington to Salt Lake City, Utah with a final destination in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am tired, cranky and hungry, but I am too cheap to buy anything from the airport concessions. So I am pushing on and killing time by updating my blog through my cell phone.
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Well I...

am leaving for a week to Veags folks. See you when I get back!
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