Really...A Chipmunk!

Well not technically. Technically it's a "Yorkie". And something that I could have gone my whole life without ever getting up close and personal with. Don't get me wrong, I am the quintessential animal lover. I do animals like kids do video games and like women do makeup, but there is a breaking point somewhere.

So the little guy you see in the pictures is Marley. He's about 8 weeks old. Pretty cute little fella, huh. I am sure you think so because he isn't crapping and peeing all over your bathroom, living room and any other places he can get his little hairy butt into.

I am trying to work with it, but it really is trying. I am not sure what idiot ever came up with the idea that dogs should be given for presents. When I do find out I'm going to give him a swift kick in the balls and make him pay for carpet cleaning.



You Sick Bastard said...

Then you have the pet lovers that start to cry when their pet hates the present. I've dated a girl like that. I could only envision the disaster the break up would be like. I knew to do it in a private place.

elay said...

i gave dog as a present once - a rott for my then bf - and guess what..i have no idea what they'r up to now. i'd sure like to see how the dog's doing - just the dog...
so from then more dog presents..ever.