Day Two: Gun Range/Friends/Riding Dirty

*** This one is for you Monica. From "milk" to "dark" chocolate.***

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It was filled with a lot of stuff to do and what seemed like not enough time to do it in.

Lets us first start off by saying that being black is a lot different than being another race. When I say different I mean this in the most respectful way. I was brought up to do certain things that most people never ever have to do in their life. I was raised to iron my clothes everyday. From T-shirts to jeans. Everything gets pressed. I was raised to wash my ass. Meaning to get every nook and cranny possible. Stay in the shower as long as it takes. Five minutes is not a good clean-up job. Spring clean everyday and if there is enough time Summer clean. Meaning everyday you must dust, vacuum, mop, wash dishes and so on and on. Always say "Please", "Thank You", "Excuse Me", "Yes Ma'am or Sir" and "Kiss my black ass!" I know I got a laugh out of you there. Even though I am out of the house, I still do all these things. I have learned to control myself when I am at someone else's house, so that I don't make others feel uncomfortable about there surroundings. With that said lets get on with day two of Vegas.

"Lets go, Princess!"

That's what I heard once I got out of the shower. It was my buddies (Let's call him Buddy) roommate. He was repeating it. Telling me that it was taking me too long in the shower. I didn't think that I had even been there that long. Excuse me if I have to wash my ass here and there, but I ain't leaving the house without doing so. I sweat like crazy during the night. A shower is a must. I finish as fast I can and down stairs and get ready to the gun range. I wasn't really feeling the gun range, but I was all about doing stuff that I don't normally do.

I guess God was reading my mind and I am glad that he was. Buddy brought it to everyone's attention that if we went we would be coming back during rush our and it wouldn't be fun to be stuck in traffic.


To the grocery store to pick up beer, baby!

Home cooked meal and more friends.

Power nap and off to ride dirty.