Day Three: Home Alone/Buffalo Wings

So after riding dirty and no sleep. We crack open a few beers before going to bed and I wish Buddy's roommates parents a final farewell back to Wisconsin.

Today was one of the less exciting days for me. It seemed to be a bunch of dead air and too much time. I spent most of my time at the house watching T.V. and working out. Even on vacation I find time watch T.V and to record shows on other people's T.V. I got it like that I guess. T.V. junkie, Check! Lazy ass, Check! Snacks, hell no!

Yep, that's a little bit of boredom on my face and also a little bit of intrigue because I am watching some of my favorite shows. The blanket helps too. Smells like old people, but its comfortable and cozy.

Other things that I manange to get myself into while sitting at the house waiting for everyone to get off work. Top Ramen. I think that its been five years since I have put Top Tamen into my body. The days of eight month deployments are over and so are Top Ramen. I really didn't have a choice. It was either Top Ramen or Lean Pockets. And to top all of it off I drank regular soda. Bad, Ace. I was working out everyday so it doesn't count.

The picture below is of me and Buddy on our way to a place called, Buffalo Wild Wings. He got off work around midnight. Overtime is a bitch.It's a place were you can pretty much get wings in whatever flavor you want. The flavors go from tasty to "Oh my God, my ass is on fire! I swear to you, I'm not kidding at all. We ended up meeting a couple of his friends there for more beers and a couple of margaritas.

The damage and aftershock, which included a heaping of ketchup on my wings.