Day One: Extended

So the first day in Vegas was pretty mellow. I didn't get to cause too much damage. I spent the first couple of hours after I touched down taking a nap.

It was off to my buddies mom's house for my first home cook meal in ages. I have to tell you its been a long time since I cleaned a plate(Spaghetti was on the menu.). While there we watched a movie, Rescue Dawn. Not to self and everyone else, never try to watch a movie after a home cooked meal. It just doesn't work. So as you guessed I went back to sleep. For those of you who don't know me, I have a tendency to fall asleep without warning. After my brief nap we went back to my buddies place. His roommates parents were also in town.

After giving them a little conversation and a QT, my buddy, his roommate and I were off to a bar were we stayed until about six in the morning. Many Coronas, Amstel Light, Bud Light and Rum and Coke were drank over pool and shuffle board.

I spent the night listening to his friends ramble on about their jobs and the people that they come in contact with.