Day Five: Hot Wing Challenge/ Bowling

As the vacation draws to a close the animal begins to emerge. So my last night in Vegas started off at the wing place again. They had a wing challenge that I could not pass up. The challenge was to see if you could eat twelve of their hottest wings in six minutes, without any water.

I rarely ever back down from a challenge. I didn't and neither did he, but he had nothing on me. 2:14 is how long it took me to devoure those wings. It took him twice as long. Maybe if he wasn't so busy watching me, he could have been downing wings.

The shirt and picture are the rewards. I am on the wall, baby!

We both got shirts.

The ladies. They were okay, but the guys kicked their butts.

The guys. We had a pretty awesome time there. Too bad that I sucked major ass. Usually the more beer I have the better I get, but this time I was a trainwreck. Next time I will be prepared for bowling and more beer. You only live once, you might as well do it in Vegas.