The Dog Problem

This by far not a great movie, but it's really not that bad either. It was one of those movies I saw ans grabbed because I have seen just about every movie at the theater. I picked it because i love indie and low budget movies. I like the fact that things are kept simple.

The movie is a ..."quirky, thoroughly lightweight film that's generally elevated by several engaging performances and Scott Caan's confident, almost cocky directorial choices. Giovanni Ribisi stars as Solo, a struggling writer who - on the advice of his shrink (played by Don Cheadle) - buys a scrappy little dog in an effort to bring some meaning into his life. Caan - who also wrote the film's screenplay and has a small role as Solo's skirt-chasing friend - does a nice job of mirroring The Dog Problem's initially (and inherently) superficial vibe with exceedingly glossy visuals, and it's consequently difficult not to be drawn into this poppy and fast-paced story. Ribisi delivers an engaging, likeable performance, while co-stars Mena Suvari, Kevin Corrigan, and particularly Caan (who seems to be channeling Vince Vaughn's Swingers character) provide solid support. And though there are a few lulls in the film's narrative, The Dog Problem is - by and large - a fun and breezy piece of work (and a welcome respite from the slow-paced, heavy-handed films that generally populate a festival such as this).."

The key to the whole movie was the message behind it. The message of the movie seemed to be...find things that make you happy and work for you and go from their.
As crazy as this sounds I felt connected.



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Doesn't strange at all to me.

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