Beef Stew

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Me and the Fags

This one's for you know who...

This what happens when me and the "fags" (Duck and Micheal Jackson) get together and go shopping. The world better watch out we are taking over!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris

Just thought that I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone has found something to be thankful for this year.

Dog Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Read with caution!

Definitions of "dog shit".

1.Fecal excrement left by a dog.
2.The actual matter that is exited through a dogs asshole.
3.Something that pisses me the fuck off.

I know all of you are wondering, "What the hell is he talking about?". I assure you I have a point and I also have a swift kick in the ass for someone. The only problem...I have no clue who deserves the swift kick the dog or the dude downstairs. My vote goes for the dude downstairs!

As I was bringing the dog back inside from our morning potty break and walk, I step in dog shit. Not chihuahua dog shit, but Labrador dog shit. A huge pile of it. So much it takes me on a walk through the wilderness to get it off. It's all over my @%#^ing flip flops.

***Anger begins to fill the room as I start to think about the dog shit all over again.***

I want to march down stairs and punch the guy directly in his face for leaving his dog shit in harms way. I can't say that I pick of my dog shit, because I don't. I do have the common courtesy to have him shit where no one has to walk. I really suggest that dude downstairs find something productive to do with his dog shit or I am going to find something productive to do with his ass.

Just thought I should share.
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First Class Petty Officer

I have finally advanced to another rank in Navy.

Somebody get the shots, because I'm getting drunk tonight.

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The things a man will do to get his grub on.

The items below cost me two hours of my life that I can never get back, but I burned a ton of calories though.

I decided that I needed to get to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Instead of driving I was going to run to the grocery store and then run back. It was a way to get what I needed and get some exercise. I was only going to pick up a few items and come back home. How hard could this journey be?

Answer: Hard as hell!

I thought that I was going to die half way there, but I really needed the bread and lettuce for my sandwich. In my mind it was only a short trip up the hill. My feet, knees, ankles, back and lungs have a different story to tell. A story that only a fool and his hunger could understand. The story of sandwich and man.

Just think what I'll do for the "Utensil".

Weekend Romp

The weekend is a part of the week lasting one or two days (four days this weekend) in which most paid workers do not work. A time for leisure and recreation. So can someone tell me why I don't feel very leisurely. I feel like I have been running a marathon.

I can't begin to tell you all the stuff that was jammed into my weekend. Just know that it was a nonstop voyage of eating, drinking, laughing, partying and the list could go on.

At least I can hold my head up high because I made it through. Sleep is on the way and I can't wait.

Things Experienced:

First stop in Crazytown...SeaTac Airport

Comedy filled night and a few crazies to go along with it.


Made a stop here to pickup someone else's relative to have a good time.

Inside Havana, a night club that 's in an alley.

Best damn fries and flavored beer!

Never pass up a chance to have Cold Stone.

Game night, Baby! Go Detroit!

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Book Hunting

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Cousin is Coming to Town!

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New Roommates

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