Dog In Heat

I am having a really average, uneventful day and the only thing that is on my mind is sex. Not sure why, but I am at work and it's not very congenial. That's all i need in my life. I can see the sexual harassment charges lining up as I remove myself from desk and start walking around the office. I do work with a bevy of middle age women. Maybe I can make someones day. Probably not but it's worth mentioning. I think it might have something to do with kimmyk's post, There Were Vagina's Everywhere, about her new job. I think learning what a speculum was aroused me and has me feeling like a "Dog In Heat".



Mo said...

Ruff back at you.

Now your comment on my blog makes sense.

Finish your date night story please.

kimmyk said...

oh you men.
*throwin the dog a bone*