Dancing with Wolves and Drunk Bitches Continued!

So its about time I finished the story, but before I do let me add a couple more things to set the mood to the story. I like to call the things that I'm about to describe as, "Symptoms of Wrong".

-We had to find a place where there wasn't going to be a cover or it
couldn't be more than $5 to get in. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but when
you are only working with $10 it is.

- We had to go the gas station so that they could get money. Not
because there was an ATM there, but so that they could get cash back. Everyone
knows that gas stations don't give cash back. No one wanted to pay the $2.50 in
fees from the ATM. Red flag, Red flag! Who in the hell doesn't have enough money
in there account to cover $2.50 in fees. This is not high school and we all
don't work at the local Deli or McDonald's.

-We had to find an ATM that gave
out $5s and $10s. As everyone knows this is a little hard to do. Most ATMs give
$20S, finding one that does is like looking for ice water in hell. I never
thought that I would say this, but I can't wait to get to hell and get me a tall
glass of ice water. Believe it or not they knew just where to go to get the
money. I should have gotten my ass out of the car at that point and walked, but
I didn't. Again I say, I go along with the flow of things. I really don't want
to cause any waves just yet.

-I would like for everyone to note that there were several more signs,
but I would like to finish this post sometime before the New

After we finally get everyone the money that they need to get into the club, we head in the direction of the club with the music still blaring and causing future hearing loss.

As we pull up to the club I notice one thing. Everyone in the club is black. I know you are thinking, "Ace, You're Black!". And I am saying to you, "I know, but I'm not Boyz-N-Da-Hood black. I am more like Wayne Brady slash Will Smith black!". I feel out of my element and uncomfortable. I'm wearing GAP and everyone is in Sean Jean, RocaWear and the list goes on. I am sticking out like a whore in church. But, I go along with the flow of things. I really don't want to cause any waves just yet.

We proceed to stand in line with the rest of the people. The line doesn't seem to be moving at all. No one is coming out, which means no one is getting in. 10 minutes go by. 20 minutes go by. 30 minutes go by. 40 minutes go by and I still can't even see the entrance. About this time another one of their friends is on the way to meet us there. 45 minutes go by and the friend arrives, but stands at the end of the line. I am not sure if all of you are familiar with black people but you don't cut in line. I don't care if your sick grandmother was at the front and you needed to get up to here. You just don't do it. Nothing needs to be said you just know. Well they began talking and ask her to come to where we are standing in line and I can feel that all hell is about to break lose. Luckily she says a few words and decides to go back, but before she does she says, "I better get back to my place in line before I have to cut a bitch..."

Sorry to leave you hanging again, but it's work out time and I really gotta run.



Mo said...

I will forgive you for just a few days this time.

The peanut gallery thanks you for taking the time to update us a little bit more.

Hope you had a good workout.