Barack Obama

I recently watched the Tyra Banks show. Her guest for the day was Barack Obama. People are calling him, "The Great Black Hope." Really? I am not sure if I agree with that quote. What I will say is that even with all his charismatic charm, his abundant personality and well spoken English, I am still not convinced yet.

The Associated Press has a legion of things to say about Obama. They say...

"The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, Obama has blended political savvy and personal charm to take him from the streets of Harlem and Chicago to the floor of the U.S. Senate. Previously he spent seven years in the Illinois legislature."

"The junior senator from Illinois might take the country to a place it’s never been, past the baby boom, beyond race."

“Someone who could unite his party, unite black and white, who’d have the unwavering support of his own state. Do you know anyone like that?”

As an individual I am not torn. He's a black person. I am a black peron( I know that's hard to believe.), but I'll be damned if that's the only reason I give him my vote.I know where my vote will go and why, but as a black person, who is a part of a black society I am split between Clinton and Obama. I don't think that I am alone in this. Many blacks seem torn between the two. Obama would be the first black president, while the New York senator and former first lady, along with her husband, who is widely popular among blacks.

And as stupid as this sounds in my head, I have to say that I am really not even feeling Hilary Clinton. I think it's that she's married to the ex-president that makes her more appealing to me. Though Hilary is poised to to carry out the Clinton dynasty, I am sure all of you have numerous grips about the man who got his "cock sucked". I am sure you could go on for days and days, but you could possibly do that with any president for that matter.

I have but one question to ask you, "Where will you be in 2008?"



kimmyk said...

I'm stuck between the two, but I'm leaning toward Hilary. I believe in her...and the fact that she could be our first woman president? Amazes me.

I don't think she's dumb to what goes on down there on Pennsylvania Ave. so they won't be able to pull the wool over her eyes. Been there. Done that.

I will say though that I could listen to Obama talk for hours. My dad has always been a die hard Rep. and his union has always back the Rep. party, but not this time. They're backing Hilary and his union is one of the BIG ones.

Should be interesting.

Mo said...

Where will I be? Praying for our country.

I am still torn too. Dang, does this mean we are going to start talking politics too?

Mo said...

Wait. You are black? I thought you were chocolate?