Man Post #1

So this morning I was running through my usual blogs and kimmyk's blog caught my eye. She had a guest blogger on yesterday. He had some interesting stuff to say on her blog. So I decided to make a trip over to his blog, Slick Sumbich. His blog has to be most raunchy and foul stuff that I have read. But I have to be honest I actually enjoyed reading his most of his post.

It's always nice to read post that aren't so "PC" and "nice". Sometimes you just want to read some smutty stuff and get a kick out of it. From the pics to his wife needing to give him "desert". His blog was pretty direct. I left thinking that a man should be a man and nothing else and every now then a little desert doesn't hurt. I could be wrong, but I don't think that I am.

So today I wanted to post what I like to call my "Man Post".

So here goes... I got a couple things I need to get off my chest that people have been doing to me. I need to get the "man" in me out.

1. To all my lady friends, I don't want to date your friend. If she is single there has to be a reason why. So if I don't express some interest in your friend or family member, that means I am not interested. To keep our friendship and her feelings from being hurt, save the matchmaking for someone else.

2. I don't feel like I have to talk to every Tom, Dick or Jane when I am taking my dog out to shit. Just because we both have dogs doesn't mean we have a damn thing in common. I need to watch the shits that my dog is making to make sure that it's solid and I can't do that if you are talking to me about "Fluffy". And while I am talking about dogs. If your dog shits in a public place. Clean it up!.

3. I don't like kids. Enough said. You know who you are. There is a reason why no one wants to play with your kids because they are bad as fuck. And to keep myself from going to jail, keep them away from me.

4. Just because I am single with no kids doesn't mean that I have lots of money to throw around on myself and definitely not you. There are reasons for being single and not having kids and that's to "save money". Give me a chance to save up before I bring two or three of the little bastards into this world. Or how about slow down and stop popping them out like hot cakes. This ain't India my friend.

I guess I will save more for the next installment. I don't want to run everyone away just yet. Everyone needs a reminder every now and then that I am a man, "Here me Roar"! So this is a friendly reminder from the nice guy next door to let a man be a man.


Mo said...

1. I only let you know about her so I wouldn't have to up and lie ok? You know I don't like to lie. Sheesh.

2. Amen. For the record, maybe if you looked a little more mean, like an angry man, people wouldn't want to talk to you so much. I know it is hard cuz you are nice like that. I am just saying.

3. Um ok. Do we need to talk about this?

4. Stop the madness. Seriously. I just spit water out.

5. Oh, yea there is no 5.

kimmyk said...

Slick really isn't like that-but that's what his "audience" likes about him...insane.

You mean you're not rich? Well..I dunno that we can be friends anymore. I mean....

HA! Kidding.

Anonymous said...

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