Kanye vs 50 Cent

Just in case you haven't heard, Kanye West and 50 Cent have been in a heated competition about whose album will end up on top this week. The verdict is in, West has sold about 957,000 copies of the Graduation, according to Nielsen SoundScan figures posted by the industry Web site Billboard.com on Tuesday night. It was his best first-week sales ever. In comparison, 50 sold 691,000 copies of "Curtis."

I guess we all can let out a sigh of relief. Hopefully we will never have to hear 50 Cents rap again.

Take that to the "Candy Shop"!


Mo said...

Stats. Oh I how love stats.

We both knew Kanye would win didn't we?

kimmyk said...

Now I love the new Ayo Technology song or whatever it's called with Timbaland and JT, and I'll give Kanye props when due, but that new song of his? So overplayed and sick of it already. Next!

Kanye is such a whiny bitch most of the time though. Or maybe that's just a marketing ploy I dunno. And tell me-is there a song out there he hasn't sampled yet?

I do like his sunglasses though.

kimmyk said...

I was talking about 50's AYO TECHNOLOGY song..but I'm sure you knew that. You're a smart cookie.

Ace C said...

Mo- Yeah. Everyone knew Kanye would win.

Kimmyk- lmao. Yeah he whiny, but he makes good sampled music. I like the 50 Cents song too.