Forgotten Post

For some reason I made a small boo- boo and forgot to blog about this.

While at one of my co-workers BBQ during Labor Day week I ran across this very interesting dog. He is obviously some kind of terrier...not really sure, but I am sure they told when I was there. But due to the delay of me posting this I have forgotten.

I know you are wondering why I thought to post this anyways, but I assure you it will put a smile on your face once I get to the point.

The whole point of the story has to do with what the people named the dog...

"Fuzzy Slippers"

Now doesn't that just jump out at you. Who in their right my would go that far. Just imagine if the dog got lost and you had to go looking for him. Try saying the line below with a straight face. Better yet do it in public and watch what happens.

"Fuzzy Slippers. come here boy!"

If I were to see some strange person walking around yelling that: I would have them strapped down and sent off in the white van.

So the moral of this story is: Don't name your animal anything you wouldn't want to be called..."Killer"



Mo said...

I was wondering who the dog was. Do they call him Fuzzy or the whole name?

Cute dog. Nut not as cute as Murph.

And speaking of Murph, is he giving out kisses in his picture of the week?

Mo said...

Oops, I meant to say but not as cute...must slow down.

Ace C said...

Yeah. those are kissing and them some. They actually kept saying the whole thing. I think that they were going for that affect.