Flag Football

It's been a little over a year since I broke my finger playing flag football and I would just like to say that I made a successful return to flag football today.

I felt like a little kid all over again. I was reliving my childhood days. Running up and down the football. Going left, going right. A flag here, a flag there. Sweat our down my face and back.

I have to say after it was over I felt a since of belonging. I guess since I neglected to play high school football, this feeling had always eluded me.

Shortly after the game was over and I was scavenging through Safeway for some grub and that when it hit me.

*****back pain*****************************
**********ankle pain*********************************
*******knee pain******************************
******************groin pain***************************
*************neck pain***********************

Needless to say I needed someone to help me get the groceries out to the car and a long hot bath went a long way.

I ask that all you pray for me because the season has just began and I have a lot more games left.



Mo said...

Saying prayers and wanting to know when I can come over and watch you do your thing???

Ace C said...


kimmyk said...

you're getting old ace.

it happens to the best of us!

Ace C said...

I know. I just didn't want to admit to it.

Mo said...

Seriously. Is there a schedule?

Ace C said...

Yeah. There is but I have no clue what it is. I will get one and let you know.

Mo said...

So on Saturday can we bling out my blog and myspace page?