Emergency Vet Visit

Well for the last couple of weeks Murphy has had diarrhea. This morning it was filled with blood, leaving me no choice but to take him in immediately.

While on my most recent trip to Portland I left Murphy with a co-worker of mine. Needless to say to "accidentally" got infested with fleas and parasites.

Below is what this poor judgement cost me.

Office Visit 45.50
Fecal Direct 21.00
Fecal Ova & Parasite w/centrifuge- T805 35.40
Drontal Plus Canine 22.7 mg Tab 30.25
Metronidazole 250 mg Tab 13.30
I/D Canine Can 13 oz 23.07
BioHazard Fee 4.48

Invoice Total: 173.00
Sales Tax: 5.72
Balance Due: 178.72

Leaving your dog in quality care and not being cheap by letting him stay with someone whose neighbors could give a hoot about flea control...Priceless!
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kimmyk said...


Lesson learned.
Hope Murphy is feelin' better or at least on his way to feelin' better.

Next time I would think it would be cheaper to board him. Sometimes I think that's a sucky option, but it's far better than being sick and racking up unncessary vet bills.

Ace C said...

Yeah I have learned my lesson. Kennel here I come.