Don't Blow me Off!

Or I will be forced to act irrational, juvenile, childish, immature, and the list could go on and on.

All that I want is for someone to pick up the phone or return my phone calls.

Let me give everyone a quick rundown of what I'm talking about. Lately I have been very distant from everyone. I have been spending a lot of my time cooped up in the house and the other half of my time in Seattle. Meaning I have been neglecting my "friends" in Bremerton. Not on purpose though, but there comes a time when I need some good old fashioned adult conversation. And I frankly I am not getting that over here, so I seek it where I know I can get it.

I have been trying to reconnect myself with everyone and it's been spreading me very thin. I think on a average week I might get a total of 30 hours worth of sleep, give or take a few hours. So when I devote some time to come visit. I expect you to be there. When I call, I expect you to answer the phone or return my call. I really don't think it's that much to ask for from "friends".

Long story short I exploded this weekend a answering machine. A couple of %$^@ there and a couple of #%^&@ here.

This does not come to a shock to those of you who really know. Everyone knows that at the drop of a dime I could unravel and blow my top without warning. Everyone knows that I am a little sensitive. Hell , if there was a movie about my life I think that a woman would have to play the part as me. And I am fine with that as long as there is a hot lesbian(Insert J.Lo and Halle Berry here) sex scene it. Hey, I can dream can't I.

It has just become a repetitive thing for me. "I keep getting the damn voicemail!" It seems like everyone is interested me when I am not around, but as soon aas I give the attention that is so badly needed, they blow me off again.

I am not asking anyone to give me their first born. I am simply asking for some common courtesy. Get it. Got it. Good.


kimmyk said...

My question to you Ace is...You say you're neglecting your friends in Bremerton and you've been very distant...

do you give them the common courtesy when they come around to hang out with them and when they call do you always answer or let it go to voicemail?

If the answers are always a yes then you're right you deserve more respect then what you are getting. But if you are slacking in returning the calls or making time then you can't really expect any different can you?

Ace C said...

I am not sure what is really going on with me. At times I just want to break away all together, but for some reason I've been trying to stick around.

kimmyk said...

I think everyone goes through that at you know it's time to move on, but letting go of our pasts and those in it...little easier said than done.

It's good to have roots though and friends. Real friends.