Voice of Man(Not Men)

I guess I will dive right in today. So it's early Monday morning and I am on my way back from Seattle. I had to make a stop at the McDonald's in Federal Way (Sorry Monica, I really needed to get home.). I guess you could call it "the early morning hunger" interrupting my peaceful drive back to the wonderful city that is Bremerton(insert joke(s) here).

I decided to get something simple from McDonald's. I decided on a sausage biscuit sandwich with jelly(grape) and a water. I just needed something to whole me over until I got home.

While I was frantically devouring the sandwich a stranger approaches me and asks me if it is okay for him to obtain my opinion about a piece that he was doing for Seattle Times.

First thing that runs through my mind is, "Is he about to ask me a question about "Black folk". I'm about ready to let him have it if he does. Thankfully for my sake and his he ask a very connecting question.

He asks, "Where have all the fathers gone?"

I think, "Hmmm..."

then I think, "I know where my father has gone."

And thenI give him the best "I know but I don't want to say the wrong thing and take the chance of looking stupid stare".

He begins to talk and I begin to talk. At conversations end we come to a conclusion that there are several reasons why fathers are absent.

- Mothers
- Society(slash)Media
- Women

As you can see all valid, but I think with all the the "hoopla" he was feeding me we both blatantly skip over the real answer to his very complex question.

The answer to his question should have been...fathers. If the father is absent in a child's life, there is only one person to the blame...the father.

After driving off into the sunset I kept asking myself several questions.

Why would a strange person ask me something like this. Am I able to speak on this subject. I am only one voice. I can't speak for the rest of the world and their experiences. Could I be the person that provides a wealth of information and advice for all those who have embarked on or plan to embark upon a serious father to son/ daughter relationship. Could I be the bearer of basic information on how to produce, analyze, and encompassed the voice of a father, always explaining how through proper technique and training fathers can achieve its ultimate in power, grace, and beauty when it comes to being a man.

I am sorry to disappoint, but I can't be the labyrinth for choosing the right decisions whether it be physical or emotional care. I can't be the body that relates because when it comes to diverse matters I experience stage fright. So when the time comes to face the critics, be your own biggest fan and face the challenge. Because I know when my time comes..."I'll be ready with open arms and nothing to hide!"


Mo said...

Jelly on the biscuit? Oh my!

Ace C said...

It doesn't get any better than jelly on a biscuit.