They Way I Are

I realized that on Blogger, I tend to make myself out to be this awesome guy who has all these great attributes. Like I am some smart ass, suave 007 radical liberal of Blogger, who glides about the hypothetical room and makes interesting observations. That's not who I really am. I can be quite suave, but also quite clumsy, awkward, and sometimes "blondish". I have to say I am quite witty, but given the proper time to formulate their thoughts, who isn't?

And yes, I do have several talents that I need to continue to work on to find their full potential, but I am by no means a close to being a "Renaissance man". I'm not musically inclined- I don't play the drums, the guitar, or the piano. There are also several other things I would love to embellish, given the opportunity, but I'll save everyone the trouble of reading about my exaggerated greatness.

One major difference between who I am here and who I really am is my demeanor towards others. In real life, I am a very nice person, and try my best to keep everyone around me comfortable, assuming they aren't purposely trying to make me uncomfortable. But here, shit, I'm anonymous. No one knows who the fuck I am. I could claim to be Jesus Christ and who is anyone to tell me I'm not? By the way, God says "Hello."

So if I ever sound like I'm bragging about something, which I hope never seems the case, please consider that this is just the Internet me speaking, and I may very well be making myself out to be way cooler than I really am. But who here hasn't done that a time or two?


Mo said...

Here I was thinking you were going to bust out and give me some Timbaland.

Ace C said...

LOL. I should have, huh. It would made your day and probably gave me a nice chuckle.