Rambling in the Used

So today I took a trip down memory lane, that was really unexpected and fullfilling. I have to tell you a used CD store can be a boon to a "dedicated audiophile" on a budget. The market for used CDs is skyrocketing, although how much so isn't readily apparent, since many used CD stores and sellers really do not tell customers about. There are about 600 million new CDs sold in the U.S. in a year and if can get a little piece of glory for a fraction of the price...I will. Used CDs for $9 or less, though brand new titles often go for more. Still, this is far less than the typical $18 price tag of a new CD. So coughing over a few bucks for a memory is "Priceless".

Most people sell their CDs for the most money, but I think that they forget about the memories that they should not be throwing away. Take for instance when I see the Usher CD, "My Way". I think of time well spent in high school and sitting in front of the television, trying so hard to get my "Soul Train" moves down. Might I add the CD is still well-received and with a steady demand. Or when I see TLC's "CrazySexyCool". The fisrt thought that goes through my mind is "I give you the red light special all through the night!" Or even when I see a CD from Crazytown, "The Gift of Game"...that I never liked, but remember the cover of it anyways. How many of you still remember who these losers are.

It doesn't matter if I like the CD or not. What matters is it that it serves as some sort of milestone in my life and I can hold on to that memory for a little bit longer...I will.