Joke of the Day

A local bakery decided to hire a part-time counter person and ended up with a local co-ed who could work evenings and weekends. She had one eccentric characteristic (which was unknown when she was hired) -- she wore short skirts and no underwear. Needless to say, she was a real beauty and had a figure to die for.

The bakery had a small storefront so it was necessary to have the various products on shelves and use a ladder to reach the uppermost items. The item that was previously the least popular -- the raisin bread -- was quickly becoming the most popular with gentlemen. Conveniently enough, the raisin bread was kept on the highest shelf of all.

One day, an elderly gentleman came in and ordered a loaf of bread. The young lady, without thinking, scurried up the ladder and then realized she had not asked the gentleman what kind of bread he had wanted so she nodded and asked, "Raisin?"

"No," he replied, "but it's beginning to twitch just a little."


Mo said...

That is just not right. Funny but not right.

Mo said...

Dude seriously.

You are killing me.

I want an update. Give me something.

I come by here day after day and I get nothing. This needs to change a'right?

Ace C said...

I got some coming.